Friday, 21 November 2014

Competition: Win £30 worth of goodies from CLIF bar!

America’s favourite energy bar, CLIF Bar™ has arrived to help keep you on-the-go, whenever and wherever you need a boost.

The CLIF Bar equation is simple – put good food in to get good performance out. Combining wholesome, delicious ingredients including organic rolled oats and organic dates all wrapped up in a moist, fulfilling bar, CLIF Bar is a source of protein and fibre and contains 11 vitamins including B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body.

Carbohydrate rich, the energy bar also supplies working muscles with the fuel they need for extended periods of activity – helping you to stay stronger for longer.

And thanks to its portable design and great taste alongside maker Clif Bar & Company’s commitment to sustainable production, CLIF Bar can be used as a source of energy for active people who respect their bodies and the world around them.

So whether you’re cycling to work, exploring a new country footpath or simply looking for a tasty and nutritious snack to get you through a busy afternoon, CLIF Bar is built to sustain your adventure.

CLIF Bar is available in six delicious flavours – Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Blueberry Crisp, Chocolate Almond Fudge and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

Available from Boots, Tesco and all good independent health food retailers, priced £1.60. 


To be in with a chance of winning £30 of CLIF bar goodies, just complete the Rafflecopter form below!

*UK only

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What's in Tyne's Christmas Sack From Santa?! Toddler gift inspiration

As December is almost upon us, I thought that today I would share with you the secrets of what is in Santa's sack for Tyne this year!

I have been super organised and have already bought everything listed below (except for one item!), so it's just a case of getting them all wrapped up!

I thought I'd share what I've bought in case anybody with a similar age toddler is looking for any inspiration as they can sometimes be difficult to buy for!


1) Tyne's main gift is his toy kitchen, but when I saw this personalised rocking horse on sale for £30.00 I absolutely couldn't resist it! I think its more something I will love looking at in his bedroom than something he'll enjoy playing with, so I don't feel bad that he's getting two main gifts!

2) Wooden sandwhich making set - I needed to get some play food to go with Tyne's kitchen, and as he loves his "Buppies" for lunch I thought he'd enjoy pretending to make his own with this cute set from ELC!

3) Again, more play food to go with the kitchen - you can "cut" this veg set up with the knife provided which I thought was good for getting him to practise using cutlery, and it was such a bargain at just £5 from ELC!

4) Tyne is really starting to enjoy playing with little people figures and play sets, so I wanted to start buying him some Happyland sets - this Happyland school set is super cute to start with!

5) I couldn't resist the Happyland Christmas set to go with it! How cute is Santa and his sleigh?!


1) It wouldn't be Christmas to me without new books, and Julia Donaldson books are my absolute favourite for kids! I bought this 10 Book Julia Donaldson collection set a while back and am so excited to start reading them with Tyne!

2) Again I wanted to get a few little people play figures and sets, and this Playmobil plane set stood out to me when I last visited Kiddicare - Tyne really loves planes and any kind of transport so I know he'll love this!

3) Thomas is Tyne's BIGGEST love, so although he already has quite a lot of Thomas toys we couldn't resist buying a bit more! This Thomas At The Sodor Paint Shop is bound to be his favourite thing on Christmas day!

4) As well as Thomas, Tyne basically loves any kind of train and has recently been getting in to In The Night Garden more... so this Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train will be a big hit!

5) He also really loves toy cars and all of the ones he currently has are the chunky, baby style ones - when we recently visited my Mums he LOVED playing with the collection of proper Matchbox cars she has there from when my sister and I were kids so I thought he'd like to start his own little car collection off!


1) This Stretchkins toy puppy looks adorable, and can be stretched to be as tall as the child and attached to their feet to dance with them - I'm sure this will make a great new friend for Tyne!

2) I really wanted to get Tyne a nice big road mat to play cars on, and this Happyland one is not only super cute but it actually folds up to become a storage box - perfect for playing with and then storing all his little cars and trains in when he's finished!

3) Another little people playset, every child needs a play farm and I just love this Playmobil one that I picked up a few months ago at Kiddicare!

4) Tyne loves bath times, and so a new bath toy was definitely called for - we went for the Tomy Pirate Bath Ship!

5) Read With Me Woolly is a cute little spider who reads along with children, perfect for bedtime!


1) Again, indulging Tyne's love of cars we wanted him to have a nice garage type toy for his cars to go in - this Vtech parking tower is almost as tall as him so I'm sure it will be a hit!

2) Thinking again along the lines of starting off some new little people style play sets, I thought Tyne would enjoy the Peppa Pig themed ones available - he already has Daddy Pigs car which he loves, so I decided to get the Peppa Pig Playhouse too which comes with some little Peppa Pig characters.

3) We needed a set of wooden pans and utensils for Tyne to use with his kitchen, and I thought this blue set was adorable! I haven't actually bought this one yet but its on my Amazon wishlist!

4) Again - another train for my future trainspotter boy! He will love this adorable little wooden set, and the one we have for him is actually personalised! We'll be reviewing it very soon!

5) Another Peppa Pig toy, this is Peppa's rocket ship and comes with more space-themed Peppa people and a little space buggy too!

6) And finally, I think Tyne is just about ready to start using Play doh without eating it so he's getting this Playdoh dumper truck set!

So that's all of Tyne's gifts from "Santa" so far - I am aiming not to buy anything else as I think this is plenty, especially considering he also gets a lot of gifts from other family members!

I know what I`m like though, and I`m sure one or two more small items will sneak their way in before Christmas.

I am also doing a Christmas stocking which is entirely centred around Thomas The Tank Engine - it will be filled with various characters from the show in little train form, as well as a nice cuddly Thomas toy!

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5 Reasons Your Family Needs A Pet

While there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with having a pet, having them around is hugely rewarding. Sure, you must find the best pet insurance plans, give them the best food, and provide them the time and attention they need. But, at the end of the day, all the effort that you put into taking care of them will be worth it. Below are five reasons why your family may benefit from a pet.

1. Teach responsibility

 If you have children and you want to teach them responsibility at an early age, one of the things that you can do is get a family pet. Get them a pet that they want, but talk to them about the importance of responsibility. Allow your children to bathe, feed, and take care of the pet. Dogs and cats make great pets for the family, but you can also take care of birds, hamsters, and fish. The important thing is that your children recognize that the pet needs them.

2. They can reduce stress

After a stressful and busy day at work, all you want to do is go home and relax. Dogs are said to lessen stress levels in humans. With their playful attitude and loving embrace, all your stress can melt away in just a few seconds. There are even workplaces that allow pets in order to create a less stressful environment. Furthermore, your children can have someone to play with after a busy day in school.

3. Encourage exercise

This is especially true if you have dogs who are active. If you want to encourage healthy living in your household, one of the things you can do is get a pet dog. It’s quite difficult to get into an exercise routine that you don’t enjoy doing. Take turns with your family members walking the dog. Take your dog to the park, run around the block with him, or you can even go for a swim. You might be surprised at how much exercise you can get by having a pet dog.

4. Fun for the entire family

 Having a pet can be hugely entertaining for the entire family. You can play with pets for hours at a time and do fun activities with them. For some people, even the mere image of watching a dog eat can be entertaining. If youwant to have fun for the entire family, having a pet can be one of the best things that you can do.

5. Security

Dogs can be about more than just fun and games though. They are also there to protect your household. Thieves will think twice about breaking into your home if you have a barking dog that will alert you to their presence. Dogs are also loyal companions and will know if there is a threatening presence nearby.

These are the five reasons why your family needs a pet. You can choose a dog, a cat, or even reptiles, just make sure you do your research first so you can look after them properly. So, what are you waiting for? You can visit your local shelter today and adopt a furry friend to add to your household.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Beauty Must-Haves

Today I thought I'd share with you some of current my Beauty-Must Have products.

I don't often do these kinds of posts as, to be honest, my "holy grail" products don't often change.

But over the past few months I have discovered some new products that I have really loved, and they have become new staples for I thought that warranted a post!

I was recently given the chance to try out the new collection of Colour Corrector's from Max Factor UK.

There is:

*A highlighter
*Redness corrector
*Under eye circle corrector
*Dullness corrector
*Dark spot corrector

I have tried all of these and I am impressed by them, but the ones that particularly stood out to me were the Dark circle corrector and the Dullness corrector.

I have suffered all of my life with dark under eye circles partly due to anemia and partly due to genetics, and they can be impossible to disguise even with the best concealers on the market - perhaps this is because the colour needs to be neutralised first and that's exactly what the colour corrector does.

I have noticed such a difference since using this, and it has become part of my daily make up routine.

The dullness corrector was also very effective - I apply it across my forehead and cheeks and it really seems to give a lift and brighten my overall complexion.

I was also sent the Max Factor UK Masterpiece Transform mascara - I'll be totally honest, I expected to try this and think it was ok - throw it in my box of endless mascaras never to be seen again.

I am FUSSY with my mascaras.

I like to try new ones, but for the past 4 years or so I have never strayed from my Benefit They're Real mascara - I swear by it and I never thought I would find one that worked as well for me.

I was FLOORED to discover that this mascara does just as good a job as They're Real...IF NOT BETTER!

No word of a lie, I have become absolutely besotted with this mascara - it elongates my lashes perfectly, it's not at all clumpy and the wand is so smooth and easy to use.

I was surprised to like it so much as I was sent the Brown-Black shade, and having only ever used Black mascara before I didn't think a less intense shade would work as well - in actual fact the slightly more natural look of the Brown-Black works so well and I actually prefer it.

This is such a bargain at just £9.99 - such a saving on my usual mascara and I will 100% be buying this one from now on!

Max Factor Uk also sent me their Facefinity Primer to try out - I haven't used a primer before so I was unsure what to expect from it but I have loved using it.

It gives me a smoother base to start with when applying my make up, and it really seems to help my foundation to last longer.

The below photo's show me wearing all of the above Max Factor products.

Next up, is the Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream from the Zoella Beauty range.

I didn't actually rush out to try the Zoella range as soon as it hit stores because, to be honest, I thought it probably wouldn't be up to much and that it was selling well because it had her name on.

After a while though, I decided to just try out a few bits...after all the packaging is gorgeous and I am a sucker for pretty packaging!

I tried the Fizz Bar, which I thought was OK but I probably wouldn't repurchase, and I bought this - and I LOVED THIS!

The scent is perfect - sweet but not too overpowering, it makes just the right amount of bubbles in the bath and I love that its a crossover product that I can also use in the shower.

I have re-purchased this twice since I originally bought it.

Available from Superdrug for £5.00

A month or so ago, I was sent two facial washes from The Body Shop to try out - a tea tree one and this one.

The Tea Tree was nice but I find tea tree quite overwhelming on my skin and it's not a feeling I particularly enjoy, so I tend to only use it when I'm having a breakout.

Normally, I prefer a gentle face wash and that is exactly what this is - it feels creamy and luxurious on the skin, is very delicately scented and leaves my skin feeling clean and super soft.

I absolutely love this - it has lasted really well so far with daily use as a little goes a long way, but I will certainly repurchase when it runs out.

Available from The Body Shop for £8.50

I bought the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy as I was buying some skin care products at Boots which were on a 3 for 2 offer - There was nothing else I needed so I decided to find a product under £6 to "purchase" as my 3rd free item.

I went for this because the packaging was pretty - I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I like it!

The scent is pretty but delicate, and it leaves my hands feeling smooth and protected.

Available HERE for £5.00

I find that my hair gets greasy very quickly during pregnancy and with it being so long it takes ages to dry, so I like to use Dry Shampoo in between washes to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

The new Pixie Lott Fun & Floral scent from Batiste is really lovely, and Batiste always seems to work better on my hair than any other Dry Shampoo.

I always make sure there is a bottle of this in the cupboard!

Available from Boots for £1.99

My mum treated me to the W7 In The Buff palette while we were shopping in TK Maxx last week, I fell in love with the colours and how similar they were to the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes!

I then went back the next day to pick up the In The Nude palette too!

The colours are perfect for Autumn, and I have really been enjoying trying them out.

I bought these from TK Maxx for £5.99 each.

So these are the beauty products that I've been loving lately! Have you discovered any new ones?

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DIY Holiday Crafts for Kids

There are some fun craft ideas for kids during the holidays. In fact, if you put the kids to work, you could cut down on some Christmas chores yourself. Here are some outstanding things for creative kids during the holidays.

Personalized Gift Tags

Image via Flickr by AForestFrolic 

These DIY gift tags fun and festive. If you buy gift tags in the store, they aren't as personal. This is a fun and festive craft. Let the kids make these for you. All you need is:

* Child-safe scissors
* Construction paper, old Christmas cards, or old catalogs
* White glue
* Ribbon or embroidery thread
* Buttons or hole protector tabs
* Ruler
* Black marker
* Hole Punch

Step 1: Cut out Christmas shapes from the construction paper. If you are using recycled printer paper, then they can tear and glue a kaleidoscope scene onto the paper using colors from magazines, catalogs, or even newspapers. Let the glue set overnight so that it is dry.

Step 2: Use the hole punch to create a place for the ribbon or string to go. If using buttons, run the string or ribbon through the holes on the button and then run both ends of the string through the hole in the paper. Glue the button to the cut out shape so that it holds the string in place.

Step 3: To finish the project, just add in the "To" and "From" address lines.
This is a project that kids can use to make presents for others too. Grandma will love these. Craft stores and most department stores have all the supplies you need for this project.

Christmas Light Jar Project

Image via Flickr by Pictures by Ann

Make Christmas light jars to light up your holidays. Use old bottles or jars to stuff them full of Christmas lights. If you use battery-powered Christmas light strands, you can place the jars wherever you want. All you need is:

* Jars or bottles (use recycled glass jars or bottles to cut the cost of the project)
* Small strands of Christmas lights
Optional Equipment
* Colored tissue paper
* White glue

If you would like to make the jars fancy, just tear up colored tissue and glue the pieces to the outside of the jar or bottle. The result is a Kaleidoscope effect. You can find everything you need for this project at an, a craft store, or you might just have it all at home.

Paper Cup Light Strand

Image via Flickr by edenpictures

This fun project is simple and artsy. Using colored marker or crayons, kids add holiday themed designs to the outside of the paper cups. With a pair of scissors or an X-acto knife, adults cut a 1/4 X in the bottom of each cup. Push the Christmas light bulbs through the X and the cup forms a shade for the light. Make the X small enough to hold the bulb, but not so small that bulb will not easily fit through it. For added texture, kids can poke holes in the sides of the cup so that the light bleeds out from the holes. The project is fast, fun and decorative. This is an excellent idea for other holidays too, such as Valentines Day. All you need is:

* Mini light strands
* Paper cups
* Scissors
* Colored Markers
* Needle or another sharp object for making holes in the cup Dixie cups work best with mini 
Christmas lights. 

You can also change this project to use cupcake liners. Craft stores have everything you need for this project. This is a project that will
keep kids busy all day. The designs range from simple to complex and geared towards youngsters or even teens.

These are just a few of the many kids crafting projects for Christmas and the holidays. These projects are easy and affordable. Best of all, they fit a wide age-range from children to teens, and they allow kids to take part in the holiday festivities.

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