Sunday, 19 April 2015


We were recently introduced to - a super affordable online destination for character clothing and merchandise for children and adults alike - we placed an order for some items and today I am feeding back my thoughts on the quality of the goods as well as the service.

We had 40 Euros to spend on the site, and there was plenty of choice available - personally I am not a huge fan of character clothing for children particularly as for boys it tends to be all Mickey Mouse and Disney Cars which I'm not keen on, however if I had daughters I would have been utterly spoiled for choice here as the Character clothing for girls seems to be much cuter and more fashionable - the site has endless Frozen and Princess Sophia items which my own nieces would go crazy for!

For that reason I avoided the boys clothing sections, and decided instead to browse the other items available...of which there were many!

First up, I decided to treat Tyne to this cute Minion breakfast set (£12.95)  which consists of a melanine plate, bowl and cup - he loves Minions and you can never have too much child-friendly dinner ware so I thought it was a winner all round!

I then decided to have a look at the pyjamas...Tyne seems to get through pyjamas very quickly so we can never have too many and although I limit character clothing I do let him have whatever characters he likes on his PJs!

I chose two short sets for the summer - Mike The Knight and Bob The Builder, and he loved them both! The quality is great and for just £5.95per pair you really can't grumble at the prices!

I also decided to treat myself to a new pair of pyjamas - I love Paul Frank so was really pleased to see this pair on offer for just £12.95! What a bargain! The quality is brilliant and I'm sure these will get plenty of wear when I'm spending time at home looking after a newborn!

Finally there was a bit of money left over, so I decided to have a look at the clothes section after all and I'm glad I did as they had some very sweet birthday tops available for various childrens ages - although I'm usually not keen on Disney character clothing for boys I did think this Mickey Mouse I Am 2 top was very sweet and would be great for the day time of Tyne's birthday.

The quality is really nice and it was the perfect casual-yet-celebratory top for his special day!

It was a real bargain at £5.95 too!

It was really easy to navigate the website and place our order, we were kept informed of the delivery progress throughout and the goods arrived within 3 days of us placing the order...really great service and I would definitely use LamaLoli again.

Great service and fantastic value for money!

To take a look for yourself, please visit

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Ordinary Moments: The First Bath

My Ordinary Moment this week was just that....very very ordinary.

A simple bath, in fact. 

But not just any bath! 

A first bath.

It's funny with newborns how every little thing that happens and every little thing they do seems so much more significant because its their very first...

We've been top & tailing Noah since he came home from the hospital but at the start of this week, we decided to give him his first proper bath...and of course, his big brother wanted to be involved!

Tyne was so excited when we got the baby bath out in the living room that evening.

He sat wide-eyed listening intently as I told him all about how he used to sit in that very same bath when he was a new baby and how he hated his bath times...he'd scream and scream until we got him out...quite the opposite of now when he screams and screams as we forcibly remove him after the bath water has long gone cold and his skin is all prune-like!

Tyne couldn't wait to "help" me to bath his baby brother...he helped me to check the temperature and lay out the towels.... he squealed with delight and exclaimed "OH MY GOODNESS!" as I placed Noah in the water...I've never heard him use that expression before so it made me giggle...I guess the excitement of the situation required some dramatic words!

Once Noah was settled in the water, Tyne set about washing him with the sponge and even rinsed Noah's hair.

I expected Noah to protest a little at having his big brother involved in his first bath experience but luckily he seemed very chilled about it all...he seems to really enjoy the bath and didn't object even when Tyne decided to scrub his eyes with some bubbles...poor baby!

Of course...once Noah was finished, the inevitable happened....

Who could expect this water baby to resist jumping into a nice bath full of bubbles himself?!?

He thought this little bath in the living room was the best thing EVER, and was clearly wondering why we'd even bothered using the bathroom all these years...he sat there happily watching In The Night Garden as he splashed around and we didn't hear a peep out of him until it was time to coax him out for bedtime!

Then with both of their pyjamas on, my nice clean boys snuggled up on the sofa with me as Tyne had some Ipad time and Noah just chilled out in his favourite spot across my lap!

A very ordinary moment, but without a doubt one of my favourites.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Noah at 2 Weeks Old

Dear Noah,

I can't believe that you are already TWO WEEKS OLD!

Infact this post is going up at the weekend, by which time you will be 18 days old!

The time has really gone absolutely nowhere and it feels as though you've only been here for maybe 5 days or so!

Your Health Visitor Checks & Other Things...

We haven't had many visits from anybody at all....your brother had 3 or 4 midwife visits and then a few health visitor ones, but you only had one midwife visit at 5 days and then a health visitor one at 13 days.

Your newborn hearing check was done at 13 days (which seemed late to me, as Tyne's was done in the hospital at 1 day old?!) - you passed it just fine.

You weighed 8 lbs at birth which had dropped to 7lbs 13 at the 5 day check, and was back up to 8lbs 2 oz yesterday at the health visitor check.

You have grown a lot were 19 inches born and are now 22 inches!

You are still not filling out your newborn clothes, so are still wearing Early or Tiny Baby in everything...luckily we bought quite a few things in this size as your brother was in Early/Tiny Baby until he was 5 weeks old!

You are also still in Micro nappies.

You've had your first bath and a few more since, and your gloopy eyes have cleared up beautifully now.

You have a little birthmark at the back of your neck just under your hairline.

You are a typical boy at nappy change hate to be cold so you scream the house down until you're dressed again and you usually wee & poo everywhere when your nappy is off! I've heard that boys do this but your brother never its all quite new to us!!

Eating & Sleeping

I've just been reading your brothers 3 week update and it seems that you are very similar to him as far as your routine goes!

Daddy & I are night owls so we tend not to go to bed until around 2 am most nights (some nights we go at midnight if we're very tired!) - usually we give you a feed before we go up, and that means you then tend to wake at around 4.30 am and around 6.30 am - the next time you wake up we'll be up for the day so that's only 2 night time wake ups, which isn't too bad! We try to do one feed each so we're getting 4 hours or so of uninterrupted sleep, which seems to work out pretty well most of the time.

Of course there are always some nights when it doesn't go to plan...last night was one of those nights! Your brother woke up at around 3am and wanted to chat instead of go back to sleep, so your bedtime feed didn't last until we were all settled like it usually does....we were just settling down when you decided you were hungry, and then once you finished and we all settled down you decided to fill your nappy! So there were lots of ups and downs last night before we finally got any sleep!

What You've Been Doing

You're becoming much more alert now - you still sleep a lot during the day and will nap for anything between 1 to 3 hours usually, with your longest nap being in the mid afternoon - but you are also having much more awake time too.

You love to look all around you, your neck control has been pretty amazing since birth really - you seem to think you're a much older baby than you are and you love to hold your head up and look right around the room!

You LOVE it when Mummy talks to you about any old gibberish - you can be crying at the top of lungs (which are POWERFUL by the way!) but as soon as I start chatting to you then you stop and listen intently!

You love snuggling and being cuddled, and you especially like it when I cuddle you in to my chest so you can hear my heartbeat - you've loved being held like this ever since the first night in the hospital.

We took you for your first outing on Easter Sunday when you were 5 days old, which was just for a little walk around Torquay Harbour - since then you've been to the park with your brother and cousins, been to your Aunty Laura's house a couple of times, and been for a walk with Nanny & Gagand in your big posh pram!

We also ventured out for a meal last weekend, you were very well behaved while we were in the restaurant and we didn't hear a peep out of you!

Your brother loves to show you off to everyone when we're out and about! He's very proud of you.

We also went to a lovely Fairy & Elf Experience photo shoot at the weekend, you posed beautifully for the photos in your little elf outfit and I'm very excited to get the finished photos back!

After Birth Care & How Mummy Is Doing

The after birth care has been pretty abysmal really...after being discharged from the hospital the day after the c-section and then going back in 3 days later with opened stitches, I had been worried as I'd been in a lot more pain than I was following the c-section with Tyne.

As I mentioned above, we didn't see a midwife until you were 5 days old...and even then she was pretty unhelpful and didn't examine me, look at my scar or anything...the next person we saw was the health visitor at 13 days but as lovely as she is, she didn't know much about the scar issue.

I went to my GP and it turned out that my wound was infected, and I'm now on antibiotics - this morning I realised the wound had bled in the night so I called the midwives who came out to look at it (after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing about it I might add, not the most helpful team of midwives!) - they decided it "doesn't look too bad" but just to keep an eye on it and if its still weeping/bleeding once the course of antibiotics ends to go back to my GP.

My bleeding stopped at 5 days post partum which I did think seemed very early, and I was right - it came back again with a vengeance at 12 days post partum and is showing no signs of going away!

I had the baby blues much more this time than I did with Tyne, it hit me on Day 2 and was quite full on for the first week - it's definitely eased off now though!

That's all our news for now!

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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Introducing Bluey - The world's cutest airplane?!

As I've mentioned before on my blog and shown on little son Tyne is somewhat obsessed with transport-based characters!

Thomas The Tank Engine will always be his number 1 of course, but he's a big fan of Disney's Cars, Bob The Builders various work vehicle companions, Tractor Ted and so on...but one thing missing was a plane!

However, as the YouTube addict that he is, Tyne has today discovered a new little character called Bluey - a very cute little KLM plane who, in the first episode, helps his friend Windy on her way to the annual Zundert flower parade!

The animation is adorable and I can see why Tyne is already such a fan...and he's not alone!

The Bluey character was launched by KLM airlines last year and has since become very popular with their younger passengers!

With special Bluey meal boxes available on international flights, a variety of Bluey themed products such as keychains and card games available to purchase, and even a special Junior Jet Lounge at Schipohl airport exclusively for children - KLM really are going to lengths to make children feel welcomed on board their flights and ensure they have a pleasant and fun travelling experience.

I never personally got to experience travelling by airplane as a child as my mother had a fear of flying, I have ended up with the same fear myself but I'm very conscious of not exposing Tyne to this and wanting him to experience all manner of transport to enable him to get out there and see the world....I feel that little touches such as these from KLM are  what make travelling by air fun and inviting for children and are key to ensuring that it's something they enjoy and get excited about.

In fact, Bluey is such a sweet character he actually makes me feel a little less nervous about the prospect of flying myself!

To take a look at the first installment of the Bluey animated movie series, have a look below and don't forget to subscribe to KLM's channel so you don't miss out on the next one!

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Friday, 17 April 2015

C-Sections...Not Really Giving Birth?

Imagine the scene.

Its 1.30 am....I'm laying in  bed with my 36 hour old son next to me....I've just managed to get myself back into my bed after he woke up screaming for a feed.

It took me almost 7 full minutes to be able to pull myself up out of bed to reach into the cot and retrieve him to give him his feed because the pain was so unbearable and I had no use of my stomach muscles to pull myself into a sitting position.

In the past 36 hours I had overcome many obstacles...some physical, some emotional.

I had faced my biggest, most anxiety and panic inducing fear by going into an operating theatre, placing my trust in surgeons and allowing them to paralyse me from the chest down and cut me open to deliver my child.

I had suffered a panic attack during the surgery, and for months beforehand throughout the pregnancy, at the thought of giving birth and being so vulnerable.

I had allowed various nurses and doctors to man handle me off the operating table when I was unable to move...I was completely covered from head to foot in bruises from numerous failed attempts at cannula fittings.

I had gingerly taken my first steps after the spinal block wore off...struggling to be able to stand up straight and hobble to the bathroom as I tried to ignore the searing pain where the Drs had cut me open.

For 36 hours I had lived in fear of coughing, sneezing or even laughing as the pain that ripped through my incision felt like being stabbed with a thousand fiery blades.

I had sobbed in pain having my first bowel movement post surgery, terrified that my wound was going to burst open.

I had cried in the shower as I removed the dressing from the wound and watched all the collected blood pour to the floor and pool around my feet...

I have spent days since crying in agony with trapped wind, piles, constipation, stitches that came undone and have since become infected and many other such post-birth delights....

The recovery from this birth has been horrendous and HARD...

Even now, 2 weeks on, I'm taking pain killers to help with the pain of my infected wound...I'm bleeding heavily every day...I'm having to redress the wound daily and keep up with antibiotics and still may have to go back for further surgery if the scar infection doesn't clear up...I'm exhausted and taking iron tablets every day to combat the anemia I'm battling as a result of blood loss in surgery....

And so imagine my horror when, after a day of physical agony and emotional exhaustion, I stumbled across the above image on social media.

Informing me that I didn't "really" give birth at all....

Well silly me, my mistake...because my son was born through an incision in my uterus rather than through my vagina that means I didn't actually give birth to him at all?

That all of this pain and all of these after-effects aren't real? 

And for this I should show respect to the women who "had what it took to get the job done"....well excuse me for not pushing my baby out of my vagina but actually...I think you'll find that I DID have what it takes to get the job done.

I had what it takes to face my crippling fear and deliver my son in the way that I felt  safest and best for us both...

I had what it takes to stand up to Drs who tried to push me to deliver in a way that I knew would result in a traumatic birth experience for us both and would potentially damage those crucial first few moments of bonding time whilst I was an emotional wreck ... 

I had what it takes to battle through a difficult recovery and get back on my feet for both of my children despite the pain being enough to reduce me to a sobbing wreck on many occasions.

So how dare anyone say I didn't give birth or that my experience was any "luckier" than anyone elses.

I'd like to be able to say I had what it took to rise above such ridiculous judgements and not pay them any mind, but actually I cried my eyes when I saw that image on my Facebook timeline....

Maybe if I'd seen it at a different time I could have laughed it off as the ridiculous and backwards bullshit that it is...but in such a low place, suffering so much pain and the only positive thought in my mind being that it all was worth it to bring my son safely into the was just a little too much.

So I hope that makes whomever made that image feel good....and oh so very a Christian myself I would be horrified to spread such cruelness in the world.

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