Wednesday, 18 December 2013

6 gifts for the woman who has everything

She already has the latest iPad, drawers of jewellery and a collection of designer shoes that would put Imelda Marcos to shame. Buying for the woman who has everything is definitely tricky, so think outside the gift box to find something special this Christmas.

Experience days

For something truly unique, buy her an experience day. From an adrenaline pumping skydive to a relaxing spa day or an inspiring Indian cookery course, there's something to surprise even the worldliest woman.

Netflix subscription

Forget DVD box sets and give her access to all of the hottest film and TV releases. She can catch up on exclusive shows like Orange is the New Black, have movie marathons with her friends or copy Anthony Hopkins and get hooked on Breaking Bad.

A year’s supply of flowers 

One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for her, making sure she's never without a fresh bouquet of blooms is sure to make her feel loved all year.

Personalised IOU vouchers

If you’re feeling crafty, try putting together a book full of IOU notes to be redeemed throughout the year. There are lots of suggestions online, but you can really let your imagination run wild. Combine cheesy and thoughtful little gestures with grand displays, from breakfast in bed to a trip to her favourite musical.

Cocktail-making kit

Unleash her inner mixologist with a cocktail-making kit. This is the perfect creative gift for ladies who like to experiment with different flavours, and you might even get a taste!

Mix tape
Another fun way to get a totally personalised present. Choose songs you think she’d like, songs that remind you of her and songs that will remind her of times you’ve shared together. Bring this '80s favourite into the 21st century by putting them on a USB and tucking them inside a genuine tape for a cute retro


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