Sunday, 8 December 2013

Daddy Guest Post: Why I Don't Mind Working Weekends....

Working Sundays is now the norm for me.

 It has been an adjustment, but it's not all doom and gloom.

There are some bonuses. In lieu of Sundays off I get a weekday in its place and this is time to spend with Hayley and Tyne. We get to have days out having fun and going to nice places. I get to spend days (yes whole days) with my family and not just an hour before Tyne goes to sleep.

We don't just have to squeeze in an hour or two at night before bed. I get to sit and feed my son, his breakfast, lunch and sometimes tea. 

I get to experience the joys of daytime shopping during the week. Empty parks and restaurants you don't have to reserve a table for or queue at only to be told there are no high chairs available...

Before becoming a Dad my days off would be spent laying in bed recovering from the night before, possibly a lunch out, maybe browsing online or watching a movie....

But now feeding and cuddles are high on the to do list, playing is higher of course....just sitting with Tyne whilst he plays, or watches TV and relaxing and being with him is my favourite hobby now. 
Watching his facial expressions as he discovers a new feature on a toy, a new advert or programme, or pattern on the sofa he's never noticed before. 

There's always something new and fresh that we as adults may take for granted but to him it's new and wonderful. 

Be it watching TV with him (even the ads for Professional Negligence Solicitors and Loan companies offering to solve financial woes aren't annoying when seen through the eyes of a child!), trying new foods, having funny face's all time well spent.

May be we should all take a leaf out of our children's books and start looking at things with fresh eyes and not just taking them for granted. I've tried, and I love it.


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