Monday, 16 December 2013

Driving Home For Christmas?

Most years, the festive season for us means a loooong drive from Devon back home to good old Liverpool.

This year though, its my parents doing that hellish drive as they're spending Christmas in Devon instead....

Many of us find ourselves facing long journeys at this time of year to visit our home towns and families, and even if we are lucky enough to live close to them - all of that extra shopping and family visits can still mean a lot of extra driving.

With so much pressure on people at this time of year and additional driving to be done, its important to keep safe behind the wheel...there's nothing I hate to hear of more than accidents on or around Christmas time.

Lately, as a passenger, I've been casting my beady eye around the roads and a few of the habits of other drivers have really shocked me....

For example, just last week I saw a man driving a white works van accompanied by no less than THREE very large dogs in the front!

We were both stopped at traffic lights, side by side, at the time and I had a perfect view into his van - he had one of the large alsation dogs across his lap and 2 on the passenger seat next to the lights started to change the dogs were becoming boisterous and starting to bark and jump around!

I was APPALLED to see the driver leaning across to try to shove the dogs back to their the SAME TIME as he was pulling away from the lights .... looking over at his dogs, NOT forwards at the direction his van was moving in!!! 

If any unfortunate person had happened to try to cross the road in front of him there would have been no chance of him seeing them....Appalling.

So when I recently read a survey by Truck Locator of Britains worst driving habits I was pretty surprised not to see Pets As Passengers listed, as thats certainly my biggest peeve when they're not restrained safely!

Some of the things listed though were thoughts I share....for example...the most hated habit was people using a phone while driving,  bugs the life out of me too! Particularly when you see people TEXTING at the wheel?!!

One aspect of the survery surprised that only 10% of people have seen people over 61 suffer from road rage....this week alone we've experienced road rage twice and both offenders were old men way into their 70s!!!

What driving habits do you find most annoying?!


  1. I was driving on the motorway the other week when the car in front was swerving all over the place and nearly went into the back of a lorry carrying xmas trees! I pulled over 2 lanes to overtake and it was an old guy glasses on his head texting away!! I was so angry my mom had to calm me down! it's worse when you have kids in the back too especially when you see these horrific car crashes! x


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