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Friday, 20 December 2013

Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!

This week my busy schedule has been winding down at last, and so finally I've been starting to get into the Festive spirit!

With a little help from the lovely people at Home Bargains!

I have to say...Home Bargains has been one of my favourite places to shop since childhood - my mum used to have a little sweet shop inside a shopping centre in Liverpool when I was about 10 years old - and right next door to it was Home Bargains!
So every day I would go to my Mum's shop after school and every day we'd call in to Home Bargains for a browse, to buy pocket money toys etc....

Home Bargains stores pop up all over Liverpool, as I believe the owner is from the city and that's where they began, and when I first moved to Devon I was kind of lost without having a store nearby...

Thankfully they are now spreading their wings all over the country, and we even have one in little old Devon just around the corner from where I live!! Hurrah!!!!

I go there at least 3 times a week for everything from loo roll to wine!! I LOVE it!!!

So obviously I was delighted to take a look at the samples of festive goodies they sent me....and what a fun box it was!
There was a fabulous Santa jumper.....

A funky little pair of Festive Glasses complete with impressive 'tache...

Some rather fetching elf ears....

Lovely reindeer socks!

And, my personal favourite, a Santa hat complete with both sparkle AND tiara.....RIGHT up my street!!!!!!

This is just a drop in the ocean of the festive fabulousness available from EXTREMELY low prices, so if you haven't had a nosey yet get yourself down to your nearest Home Bargains or check out their website


  1. fab I don't have a home bargains near me would have to travel but it looks like they sell a good range of products

  2. fab! i love home bargains. one opened just around the corner from me a few months ago and i swear, im never out of the place!

  3. There's no Home Bargains near me in London :( My mum is from Liverpool so familiar with it and she misses a local home bargains. Jumper is fab! X


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