Sunday, 26 January 2014

A wonderful way to save on your energy bills!

Now I have reached the grand old age of 32, I have to admit - I am starting to become a little baffled by modern technology!

I remember my Dad being completely blown away by the internet when it first come along, and wondering why it was all such a mystery to him....

Sadly, I now understand how he felt.

The things that we are able to do these days from our very own smartphones are pretty mind blowing to me!

No longer do I need to pick up the phone to order a takeaway, a few keystrokes on my app and the food is delivered to me...all paid for electronically without me even needing to go off and find my debit card! 

Gone are the days of being out and about and thinking "Damn, I forgot to record that show I wanted to watch"....Nope, just onto the smart phone I go and I can record that show at home no matter where I am!

The latest fantastic app I have come across is from Hive - and I have to say, I think it's the most impressive app I've come across yet!

The app allows you to control the heating and hot water at home straight from my smart phone when I'm out and about!

As someone who is constantly worried about ways to save on our scandalous energy bills, I welcome any chance to lessen them with open arms - and this is just perfect!

Our house is pretty old and gets cold very quickly - it can take a long time to heat it up, so when we're out all day the choices are to either come home to a freezing cold house and sit dithering for an hour while it warms up....or leave the heating on all day and come home to a house that's too hot and sky high heating bills!

Neither is an ideal option I'm sure you'll agree!

But with this app - I can simply have the heating turned off, and a couple of hours before returning home I can switch it on via my app - and hey presto! We come home to a house thats the perfect temperature and haven't had to pay for pointless wasted heating!

I really think this has to be one of the greatest uses of modern technology I've come across to date.

Have you tried Hive's app? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Wow, that's impressive!!

  2. I love stuff like this, amazing to think you can control everything by one app x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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