Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Textured Hair

Why Choose A Texturised Hair Style

Texturised haircuts are lifesavers for clients with limp, flat hair. Snipping texturising layers into this hair type will breathe life into the style; boosting body and movement. This hair cutting technique has the power to transform thin, flat and lifeless hair, making it an indispensable cutting skill to master. When creating a texturised haircut ensure the correct professional scissors are used; state of the art Joewell scissors are perfect tools for honing the texturisng technique.

A Fashion Forward Look

Despite being super complimenting for clients with certain hair types, the texturised razor look is also on-trend this season. Bobs, pixie crops and punky crops were big news on the SS14 catwalks, as well as tousled long and medium styles perfect for summer beach hair. Above all this edgy style is cool and easy to wear, making it ideal for summer holidays and warmer months.

Celebrity Look

Celebrities are the masters of this bedhead, off-duty style. Kate Moss in particular is a textured hair icon. This messy hairstyle manages to transform the super-model’s fine, thin hair into a tousled, rolled out of bed look with the help of texturised layers. Cameron Diaz has also mastered the fine art of texturising, long or short; the actress’s hair consistently has movement, looks cool and is stylishly dishevelled, despite it being naturally flat and limp.

Who Does the Style Suit?
Boho beach babes, rock rebels and cool chicks will love this relaxing style. Easy to wear and minimal styling effort, the lazy-luxe cut is perfect for girls who want to avoid looking too try hard. Also ideal for transforming long hair into a fresh new look without drastically changing the style - messy hair with texture is fun and youthful, perfect for knocking the years off ageing hair.

How to Style the Cut

For texture and volume use a thickening lotion such as Fabricate 03 Heat-Activate Texturizer for hair bodybuilding. Rough dry and use a good finishing product such as Rough Paste 12 Working Material afterwards to maintain texture and movement for this cool kinky style, in order for it to last throughout the day.

The Joewell scissors offer a range of thinning scissors that are perfect for creating these trendy texturising styles. Manufactured in Japan and hand finished by skilled craftsmen, the range also includes specialist designs for left-handed stylists. Suitable for all individual cutting techniques, the Joewells scissors are the best in quality and design, offering the upmost control when creating cutting-edge hair styles.

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  1. I'm one of those people that probably do suit something like this, but I just can't change my hair. I've always had flat straight hair and as much as sometimes I want to not have, I can't seem to change it as it's just kinda become 'me'. If that makes any sense? lol :)

    Alex :) x


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