Friday, 28 March 2014


If you happened to be in the Southbank area between 5-9th March, you may well have seen this rather odd black box with the phrase "#Livefornow" emblazened across it.

Rather odd, right?

The 9metre by 9metre cube was actually a multi-sensory journey - allowing participants to journey through the box and all it had to offer, with levitating cans of Pepsi Max and everything!

Yes, the box was actually put there by Pepsi Max - and participants got to walk away with a personalised bottle featuring a photo of them taken in the Max Cube.

Pepsi Max are always at the fore front of advertising and over the years they have been responsible for some of my favourite ad campaigns - the Gladiator ad featuring Beyonce, Britney, Pink and co was one that always stands out in my memory.

And more recently, their stunt with Dynamo levitating from a London Bus was rather impressive!

And of course, the Pepsi Max cube being the latest in their great series of impressive ad campaigns is no less impressive - just take a look at the video below for yourself!

To witness more unbelievable feats, subscribe to the Pepsi Max channel

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