Friday, 4 April 2014

La Redoute SS14 Review

I was recently sent a rather gorgeous dress from La Redoute's SS14 collection to try out.

I couldn't wait for it arrive, and I wasn't disappointed when it landed on my door mat a week or two later.

The dress is the Short Sleeved Printed Viscose Dress - a very lightweight viscose dress, with a zip up back and a ribbon belt.

The pattern is busy but understated - I didn't feel it drew the eye in a negative way at all, but was a very summery and boho-style pattern.

The short capped sleeves are edged with a slight frill, and the dress cuts off just above the knee.

I personally wouldn't usually wear it without tights or leggings underneath as I feel a little past baring my legs these days (its in everyones best interest, trust me...) but on a more adventurous person who had been more blessed in the pins would certainly be an appropriate length to wear on its own.

The dress can easily be dressed up with heels and accessories for a summer wedding or similar event, or dressed down with sandals and sunnies for a summers day out.

I personally find the sizing at La Redoute slightly unforgiving, and would recommend ordering a size larger than you would usually wear but that may just be me (and all the cake.....)

The dress is available for £48.30 HERE

For more beautiful dresses and clothing, please visit

La Redoute are currently running a competition asking bloggers for their personal favourite style tip....I thought that I might as well enter, you've got to be in it to win it....right?!

There are so many style tips I could rattle off but ultimately the one I live by everyday is - have fun with fashion. 

Everybody makes a couple of fashion faux pas in their lifetime, but if you ask me....a life without mistakes is a life not truly lived! And this applies in the fashion world as much as anywhere else...

Would we even know who Bjork was if it wasn't for THAT swan dress?!

Do the world's top fashion designers make it big by playing it safe, parading simple jeans and t shirts down every catwalk?!


Dress the way you want to dress, and have fun doing it....experiment! Try out new styles! You never know where it could lead you....

Maybe you'll have a Bjork swan dress moment of your own.

Or maybe you'll just end up like me....making a bit of a fool of yourself on a blog in the name of having fun with fashion.

YOLO! (I think I'm too old to legally say that....Oops)

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  1. Fab pics, I like the dress!! Very nice!

  2. Love that dress x

  3. Love the dress and love the pics! You look great :) xx

  4. looks lovely on you :-) xx

  5. Love the dress and your pics, it's so nice to see a blogger not posing so seriously for these kind of posts! You look great :) xx

  6. I love what you say in this post, it's so true! Always best to try out loads of different styles. Love the poses too aha and the dress is lovely :) xx

  7. Love the poses! I do agree with you that everyone should experiment more - it's so easy to get in a rut.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  8. Love the dress very summery love the pattern.


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