Friday, 20 June 2014

Celebrating your Summer Birthday in Style

Are you a summer baby? If so why not make sure you celebrate your birthday this year rather than just forgetting it and not doing anything special. Having a birthday in the summer is the perfect excuse to invite your friends and family over and throw a party at home. 
Wondering where to start? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Plan Ahead

Just because it's your party and not one you're throwing for your partner or children, it shouldn't be any less well thought out. Decide when you want it, whether it'll be a whole day or an evening party, and send out invites including any information your guests will need.

Theme It

Are you going to have a theme for your birthday party? Despite it sounding like you're throwing a child’s party, theming your party is a very popular thing to do these days and it can be as subtle as just coordinating the colour of the invites with any decorations you might have. 

Some great ideas for an adult themed party are:

* Barbecue Party or even a Hog Roast – everyone could come in cool and floaty maxi dresses and shorts and T shirts. Add a few beach style games for the kids (and the big kids), and summer cocktails like Sea Breeze or Sex on the Beach, and you have the recipe for a great summer party.
* Hollywood Glam – crack out the Cosmopolitans and the champagne, it's time for a little glamour in your life. Think glamorous party accessories, posh frocks and a sumptuous canapĂ© menu.
* Tropical Party – serve tropical cocktails like Mojitos and pineapple daiquiris to the sound of tropical beats on the stereo. Food wise, think delicious fresh fruit salads, fresh crisp salads and grilled meat and fish. Treat yourself to one of the gorgeous maxi dresses from George, in a bold floral print or this season’s neon colours, and you have all the ingredients of the perfect tropical party.

Perhaps you're a real foodie and your idea of heaven would be hiring a private chef to cook for you and your friends for the evening. You could even hire a mixologist and have a fun evening learning how to mix your own cocktails. Let your imagination run wild and choose something you can't wait to do.

Time for Cake

Don't scrimp on the cake. You wouldn't get your children any old cake, so why not treat yourself to an amazing birthday cake, just perfect to share with friends. Whether you have your eye on a certain cake you've seen while you've been shopping, or you want something made specially, go for it! If you want a cupcake tower, get one. If you want a cake decorated with something that means something to you, then do it. It's your day and should be about celebrating you and the things you love.

However you choose to spend your summer birthday this year, make sure you really spoil yourself and makea day of it with the people you love.

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  1. Great post! I'm glad Jack's a summer baby as when's he's older we/he can have parties like these! Xxx


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