Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The best colour schemes for decorating a Baby’s Neutral Nursery

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Decorating the baby’s nursery is a really fun part of the pregnancy, yet it can be a little difficult if you’re choosing not to find out the sex. However, it’s becoming easier as people are ditching the more ‘old fashioned’ pink and blue choices more and more and are opting for more elegant, modern and neutral colour schemes.

We’ve put together a list for creating a beautiful baby’s nursery room in gentle yet stylish neutral colours that you will want to opt for even if you do know the sex!

All white or cream

Opting for an all white colour scheme is the ultimate go-to choice for a gender neutral nursery room as it’s so clean, simple, calming and will suit any personality. It’s the perfect choice too if you favour a traditional, antique feel to a room as you can pick up some lovely vintage pieces for the room, such as a white antique styled cot and other shabby chic furnishings such as changing mats and wardrobes.
You can add other details to the room as you go along too, such as pretty photo frames and white money boxes to add to the classic effect.

Grey and white

If you prefer something more modern but want to keep that clean feel, opting for grey with white is the perfect alternative. This colour scheme helps create that much envied Scandinavian cool feel that is popping up on the best interior design websites and magazines.
Keep things plain and keep lines clean, with plain grey curtains, stripy rugs and accent cushions. Prestigious Textiles have some perfect plain grey curtains that we think would work really well. Go for one grey wall opposite the window to tie the whole thing together.

Earthy browns

Use elements and colours of nature to make things feel warm and inviting for your little one. Though brown may feel like an odd choice, when done right it can be surprisingly attractive. Keep the flooring slightly lighter and opt for dark wooden furniture with one brown focus wall.
If you’re afraid that the room is getting too dark, use lighter accents, including light brown or beige accessories. Opt for a light bedding too as the cot will be one of the main features of the room. We really like this neutral bear bedding range from John Lewis, though you can get neutral bedding in lots of different stores.

Yellow and aqua

If you want a really light, fresh and fun feel in the nursery, this additional modern choice may be a good one for you. Yellow and aqua were set to be ‘the’ colours for interior design for 2014, so why not use them together for maximum effect?
Stick to white furniture and use yellow and aqua accents, including bedding, curtains, rugs, pillows and wall decals. Use soft shades so as not to be too harsh or distracting. Pretty accessories to keep things babyish are good too, such as this turquoise tin

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  1. I love the grey and white, I've started really loving grey lately :) The yellow and aqua sounds lovely too x

  2. Love the grey & white, I'm actually loving black and white at the moment!with a tiny splash of colour with accessories!great post!


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