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Perfect Holiday Destinations For Young Families

Now that Summer is here, my mind is turning to thoughts of family holidays and days spent on the sand...unfortunately for me we have already had our family holidays this year, but a girl can dream right?!

When you have young children in tow (and I have 3 of them!), travelling can be a daunting prospect.

Travel time, weather & sun concerns for sensitive baby skin, and the overall safety and appeal of holiday destinations are just a few of the many concerns that parents are faced with when trying to select the right destination for a family holiday.

And of course there are then concerns about your style of accomodation - Hotel? Caravan? Camping?

Personally I like a little luxury on holiday but I don't like the worry of disturbing other hotel guests with a young baby, and so villa holidays are the perfect choice for us! All the freedom of a home away from home!

There are  many advantages to choosing a villa  for a family holiday  - you have all the kitchen & laundry amenities you'd have at home and so there's no need to spend a fortune on dining out, and lets face it...dining out with little ones can be very stressful!

You also get a lot more privacy - I personally love using the pool facilities on holidays but sharing with other guests can often lessen the experience when you can't find a free poolside sun lounger or find the pool totally overcrowded with noisy kids - having your own private pool can be priceless and really ensure you get that much-needed quality time to enjoy your holiday as a family, no interruptions.

Here Are My Top Travel Destinations For Family Holidays With Toddlers In Tow:

1) France

If you want to travel abroad but don't want a long journey or overly hot weather, Northern France could be the perfect choice for you and for those (like myself!) who prefer not to fly it's ideal as Eurostar or Brittany Ferries make this very simple!

The pretty streets of Brittany, or the hustle bustle of Paris make lovely holiday destinations for all ages and of course you could even rent a villa a short distance from EuroDisney to really make the kids holiday a dream come true without needing to spend your entire vacation at the park!

This is something I very much want to do.

Clickstay have a stunning range of  independently owned villas and beautiful Breton cottages to rent - some from as little as £380 per week! 

2) Spain

Spain is a great place to visit with children of any age and it's not too far away! 

The Spanish love to dine as a family so your children will be most welcome in the vast majority of eateries. The beautiful beaches and many child-friendly attractions around destinations such as Mallorca or Andalucia make it an ideal choice.

Renting a villa in spain, particularly one with a pool, will give you hours of stress-free family fun in the glorious spanish sunshine - as much as I adore Spain I have found the resorts can be a little over crowded and busy as it's such a popular destination for families, so a private villa gives you all the good points to the country with none of the downsides!

3) The UK!

Yep, a holiday at home! If travel time and hot weather are a concern to you, then why not eliminate those worries and have a good old fashioned staycation?

The UK has so many beautiful holiday spots and so many of us have yet to discover the many delights our own country has to offer as so often we flee abroad for our holidays - but the UK has everything we could want right within a few hours drive from our doorsteps.

From the beautiful sandy beaches of Cornwall & Devon, to the glorious countryside of the Lake District & The Cotswolds and even the beautiful bustling cities of Bristol and matter what your holiday desires are, chances are you can cater to them right here in the UK.

If a villa is something you're considering, do check out Clickstay as they have properties all over the world and at very reasonable prices - They're also running a competition at the moment where you could bag yourself a £500 Clickstay voucher among other fabulous things! Click HERE to try your luck!

Where are your own top choices for family friendly holiday destinations? As always, I'd love to hear from you.

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