Friday, 16 November 2018

Quick & Easy Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bill Now

If there's one thing that I'm always keen to do, it's to cut down on our cost of living wherever possible.

I am the kind of person who lives for holiday and little treats, so I like to make sure that as much of our income as possible is available for the little luxuries in life rather than being swallowed up by endless bills - not always an easy achievement!

So if there are ways I can save on those bills, I absolutely want to!

One thing I've been looking at lately is ways to cut down the amount we spend on electricity each month. We have an electricity meter in our house, and during the winter months we usually spend around £70 per week keeping it topped up - I'd really love to be able to reduce that amount.

Here are 5 of the most straightforward things I've been doing to try and save some money.

1) Draught-Proofing

It might sound obvious, but last year - after wondering why we were spending so much on heating our home - we realised that the back door to our kitchen was very poorly sealed, and was letting in a lot of cold air from outside.

We found that by making sure that all doors and windows were properly sealed, blocking our unused chimney and using simple and inexpensive things like draught excluders we were able to keep our rooms much warmer using far less energy.

2) Only Heat The Rooms You're Using

We realised that we were spending a lot of unnecessary money by keeping the heating on in the bedrooms for most of the day when nobody was ever in them until the evening.

We stopped doing this, and instead starting using extra blankets and hot water bottles instead. If we do need to put the heating on, we just pop it on half an hour before bedtime and the rooms get sufficiently warm.

3) Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Did you know that switching to energy saving light bulbs could save you up to £7.50 per year, per light bulb? That really adds up fast when you think about how many light bulbs you use in your home! A really quick and easy way to save energy in your home.

4) Wash At A Lower Temperature

Did you know that making a simple change like washing your clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40 can save you up to £52 per year?!

Just make sure you do a hot wash occasionally to keep the washing machine clean.

5) Turn Appliances Off At The Wall

Do you REALLY need to have your radio on stand-by constantly, or always have your microwave blinking away?!

Turning items off at the wall rather than leaving them on stand-by can save the average household up to £30 per year, while households using a lot of electrical appliances could save around £80!

Do you have any quick and easy energy saving tips to share? I'd love to hear about them!

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