Sunday, 30 October 2011

Its that time again....

The X Factor

Sooo....drama,drama,drama this week!!

Ashley has left The Risk, Rhythmix have been forced to change their name to Little Mix, and - shock horror! - Kelly Rowland is "too ill" to fly back from the states for this weeks show. Is this linked to her fall out with Tulisa after MischaGate last week?? Is she genuinely too ill to fly?

Who knows.

What I do know is - although I would consider Kelly to be lowest on my list of Favourite X Factor judges (her attitude towards my beloved Louis bothers me!) - I can safely say that Alexandra Burke is by far and away the most annoying person ever to sit in a judges seat. I hope with every fibre of my being that Kelly is back next week!!! And if not, that Burke is not her permanent replacement. ANYONE BUT HER!!!

So...onto the show....

This week was supposed to be Halloween week....I must say, it lacked the usual spark for me. The Halloween dress-up was barely noticable apart from a few cosmetic scars or cobwebs here and there, and most of the Halloween atmosphere came from the backing dancers.
 I must express my admiration to Tulisa for making the effort in her catwoman outfit - and she looked pretty good in it too!! Miow!!

High Point

I am surprised to say - for me, it was Little Mix.

Maybe the name change has done them some good, because I usually find them irritating and horrible to listen to - however, this week they were the only act to really make the most of the Halloween theme - their costumes and stage production were amazing. The song suited them well, and - for once - their vocals and harmonies were almost spot on.

 I think they sound a lot better without all the bouncing around the stage, and they looked  a lot better with a more grown up and girly look - and a more uniform look. They all dressed in similar colours and the same style. To me, that works better than their usual multi-coloured "we got dressed in the dark in a closet full of 80s gear" look. I hope they keep it up.

Low Point

This had to be Sophie Habibis. (Although Frankie was close, but that kind of goes without saying at this point).

Sophies songs are always mellow, understated - basically they are boring. She is boring. That song was a terrible choice. She spoke it rather than sang it. There was nothing interesting about it. Yes, she can sing but so can plenty of other people - that alone does not make you a star unfortunately. And she is showing less and less star quality with every passing week. I think its time for Sophie to go.

My Predictions

Its between Sophie, Frankie and The Riskin my opinion - possibly Kitty again. Maybe even Janet?
I am going to say that the final two will be Sophie & Frankie - and Frankie will be sent home. (Though that could just be wishful thinking on my part)

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