Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuesdays Tip - Winter Coat!

This week it's a fashion tip!

After an extended summer, the autumn is definately upon us at last! With predictions of snow in the UK before October is over, it's time to start searching for the all important Winter Coat!

I, personally, LOVE winter coats! Browsing the available options and the current trends really gets me in the Winter mood - which can only mean one thing - Starbucks cinnamon/gingerbread lattes, Noddy Holder echoing around the bustling stores, shiny tinsel & twinkly lights ....all of these things are not too far away....Christmas is just around the corner!!! :):):)

I've spent the last few days browsing this years trends and trying to decide between my favourites of the seasons hottest styles - Military & Duffle.

These have so far been my top choices:

Twill Military Coat - http://www.newlook.com/ - £49.99

Fur Hood Duffle Coat - http://www.dorothyperkin.com/ - £69.00

Now don't get me wrong, I still love both of these coats and there are tons more fabulous ones on the high street (there is one in the window of Zara that always catches me eye) and I'm sure I'll still be splashing out on one of these in the near future (Thank you, new better paid job!) - however, when out shopping for little bits & pieces with the boyf today - I happened across this lovely little bargain in Primark:

Its warm but not too heavy, surprisingly good quality for Primark, very comfy, bang on trend with the military style yet the ruffles give it a girly twist -  its available in red, navy blue, purple, black - and the olive green that I chose. It's available in sizes 8-18, and best of all - Its just £25!!!

I am thrilled to have a lovely little coat to see me through the next couple of months without hearing the screams from the credit card!

I also picked up this cute little matching hat for £3!

(Ok, I feel slightly like a Dappy N-Dubz wannabe - but my toasty warm ears will help me get over that!)

So all in all, I have managed to kit myself out with a chic, on trend, and - above all - warm winter look for just £28.

 Thank you Primark!!!
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