Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesdays

This week, I am loving:

                  Tea Dresses

  A tea gown was traditionally a woman's "At home" dress for informal entertaining in the late 19th century, and were influenced by feminine Asian clothing - they usually had feminine & frothy detailing.
 "Every one knows that a tea-gown is a hybrid between a wrapper and a ball dress. It is made of rather gorgeous materials and goes on easily, and its chief use is not for wear at the tea-table so much as for dinner alone with one's family.

It can, however, very properly be put on for tea, and if one is dining at home, kept on for dinner.

One does not go out to dine in a tea-gown except in the house of a member of one's family or a most intimate friend. One would wear a tea-gown in one's own house in receiving a guest to whose house one would wear a dinner dress. Emily Post, Etiquette, 1922.
In contemporary usage, any flowing dress of sheer or translucent fabric, in pastel colors  may be called a tea gown...or more often...a tea dress.
The tea dress is fast becoming my favourite outfit choice - anyone who knows me will verify that I NEVER wear jeans or trousers - and my wardrobe consists mainly of dresses and tunic tops.

I find dresses so easy to wear - they're comfortable, they're easy to match with shoes and accessories, and they eliminate the need for matching trousers/skirts/etc - just throw on a pair of leggings and tights under if its too short or top up your fake tan and you're away!!

I also love very girly styles - chiffon, floral patterns, and cute little embellishments really make an outfit for me - and so these Victorian inspired pretty little numbers are a more than welcome addition to my autumn wardrobe - and I will certainly be wearing them to make a good impression when I start my new job next week :)



Heart Print Tea Dress - George @ Asda - £14.00

Frilly Cape Tea Dress - New Look - £14.00 (In sale)

Floral Print Tea Dress - New Look - £12.00 (In sale)

Bow Print Tea Dress - George @ Asda - £14.00

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