Sunday, 16 October 2011

X Factor - My Thoughts & Prediction

My Thoughts

The Girls:

Janet Devlin - Wonderfully unique singer - BAD song choice. Dull, boring, forgettable. The weeks theme was a tough one but would have been far better doing "Wuthering Heights" or something by Dido.

Misha B - Amazing!! Totally unique version of a song that I NEVER thought could sound cool again!!!

Sophie Habibis - I think Sophie has an amazing voice. But it's like they want her out. They gave her the most boring makeover I have ever seen and made her LESS stand out than she was, they keep giving her the most boring songs and performances possible - where are her dancers?! Wheres her glitz?! A red pencil skirt on The X Factor?! Shes a singer, not a secretary. I think shes good - but clearly she is not the producers choice.

The Boys:

Frankie Cocozza - I'm sorry. I'm sure he has the hearts of 11 yr old girls everywhere pounding like there's no tomorrow. But he cannot sing. Heavy breathing into a microphone and looking like a drug addict does NOT make you an artistic type singer. It makes you a Pete Doherty wannabe. That look died with Amy Winehouse in my opinion, it is no longer cool and its no longer ok - surely if her death taught us anything, it taught us that this kind of style being considered "cool" has to stop. I realise he hasnt come out and said he's into drugs - but the shadows under his eyes, his Pete Doherty inspired hair, outfits and stage performances - they all make it more than obvious. As does his attitude to pulling girls and getting drunk the night before bootcamp. He's not an appropriate role model in my view, and the sooner he's gone the better. Apart from anything, he keeps murdering songs I like!!

Marcus Collins - I LOVE Marcus. He has such a natural, soulful voice and he is stunning to look at. And I will always love him (to quote Sami!) - but Russian Roulette was a rubbish song choice. However, he did ok with what he had and I don't think he's going home just yet.

Craig Colton- Last week, Craig was outstanding. I even downloaded his performance onto my blackberry!!! But the Beyonce song this week was another crap choice for Gary's group. Its not even a well-known enough song yet....they seem to be trying too hard to make the contestants perform current songs. A classic is a classic for a reason - whats wrong with giving out more of them?!! I thought Craig faltered a fair bit with his voice, and I'm worried for him - come on Liverpool, pull together and keep our lads in the game!!! COME ON CRAIG & MARCUS!!!!

The Groups

Rhythmix - I don't get it. I know everybody seems to love them...but I just don't get it. Their voices are ok but sometimes they just seem to shout. And I'm sure what they wear is fashionable - but to my 30 yr old eyes, it just looks like they got dressed in the dark. I liked the new arrangement of "I'm Like A Bird" but  - as I'm well aware things like that aren't down to them - I wasn't impressed. I certainly don't think they're the "Best girlband thats ever been on the show" - call me crazy, but I loved The Conway Sisters!!

Nu Vibe - I liked the new arrangement of "With Or Without You" - and its one of my all time favourite songs, so it would take a lot for me to be impressed with it!! I thought they really upped their game from last week - I was impressed. I would like to see them tackle a ballad soon though.

The Risk - I liked it. To be honest, I don't have much else to say. I am indifferent to them at the moment. I think they are good, but they seem to be playing it a little too safe for my liking thus far. I'd like to see something a little different from them.

The Overs

Johnny Robinson - Oh bless him. I love his personality, I LOVED his saucy comment to Gary - he even has a good voice! But they are making him this years Wagner and its not fair to him. So I hope he goes out sooner rather than later, for his own sake.

Sami Brookes - I think Sami has an amazing voice. However, I HATE "I will always love you" and she did not change my opinion of the song - it was much too predictable a choice for the theme - and she seemed to struggle to put any emotion into it. She also missed some of the best notes in the track, and went for the safe way of doing them instead - I wasn't overly impressed.

Kitty Brucknell - Well, she is truly like Marmite. You love or hate her. I would learn toward loving her - she ha a great voice. I don't care for her personality all that much, but I also feel a little sorry for her as she has had a very hard time of it so far. I thought the Bjork song would be perfect for her - but I was a little disappointed. I dont think she quite got into it enough, she didnt "go crazy" enough....which is odd for her!!...and she didnt do the "screamy" bits which really make the song for me. The way she performed it made it sound more musical theatre than pop star to me. It would have been great if we were watching How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria....but not so much on The X Factor.

My High Point

My Prediction

I got 4 out of 4 correct last no pressure!!!

Its going to be either Sophie, Frankie, Kitty, Johnny or Nu Vibe - I am confident of that much.

However, it is hard to narrow it down as - quite frankly - I thought the level of the show this week was below par.

I am going to say that the bottom two will be: Nu Vibe and Sophie Habibis (tempted to say Frankie, but no).

The judges will then vote as follows: Gary - Nu Vibe, Kelly - Sophie, Tulisa - Nu Vibe, Louis - Sophie.

So I think it will go back to public vote, and I think that it will be Nu Vibe who leave.
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