Monday, 10 October 2011

The X Factor Results

Well goodness me, how smug do I feel right now after getting EVERY SINGLE ONE of my predictions right?! *Pats self on back*

I wonder how long I can keep that up for!?

I enjoyed tonights show on the whole (Although I'm not a particularly big fan of Cee-lo Green or Matt Cardle), but  - I have to admit it - I nearly cried .... 3 times!
I found it very emotional when Tulisa was so genuinely upset and struggling with voting off 2 shoes, and I found it very difficult to watch James Michael & Amelia Lilly struggle with their emotions.

It does make me wonder if the recent reports regarding the contestants being too young may have some truth in them,.
Amelia gave an outstanding performance for such a young girl and after receiving such praise yesterday, to be voted off tonight would have knocked anybody for six - but can a 16 year old girl really handle that?
I hope so, but I'm certain that I wouldn't have been able to take such a blow at 16.

I was really impressed with Jonjo, James & Amelia and I hope to see them each with a career in the future.


During the audition & bootcamp stages of The X Factor, myself and the boyf found great amusement in our shared opinion that Sophie Habibis's look was....well...a bit peculiar!!
We both thought that she had that heroin chic look about her (Admittedly she's scrubbed up well, but I'm talking pre-X Factor makeover!).

So, imagine my horror when my cousin tells me that she "looks just like me".

I considered this a one off, but have just received a Facebook message from my sisters best friend saying the same thing...."Hayley, that Sophie Habibis off The X Factor really reminds me of you!!"


I am not too happy, because I think she is rather odd looking. A matter of personal opinion of course, but still....

So I am looking for opinions - What do you think? Do we look alike?


Me                                                                                                                                                                             Sophie

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Plans For The Blog

I've decided that this blog will follow a daily theme (of course, not everyday - but when I can!)

We will be having:

Movie Mondays - I will review two movies I've seen during the previous week.

Tuesday Trends/ Tutorial Tuesdays - Trends is when I will review a new trendy product, and Tutorials will be a make up or hair tutorial

What I'm Wearing Wednesdays - Will be a fashion post

Things I Love Thursdays - Self explanitory, a post about something I'm loving atm!!

Foody Fridays - Recipes!!

and the weekend will be a free space about The X Factor, Glossy box reviews and any other random things that take my fancy!! :)

What do you guys think?
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