Sunday, 9 October 2011

The X Factor: Thoughts & Predictions

I literally cannot put into words the excitement I feel when The X Factor Live shows begin - such is my life!!

Its what weekends were made for and....its the OFFICIAL countdown to Christmas! (Who needs Advent calendars when you've got The X Factor?! )

So after a weeks worth of giddy anticipation - I sat down this evening for tonights show, armed with enough Haribo to feed a family of 4 - as usual the show left me filled with opinions just bursting to get out, and I thought this was the ideal place to air them!!


I really enjoyed Janet's performance of "Fix You", Marcus's rendition of "Moves Like Jagger" (A song I'd usually rather rip my own ears off than listen to!), The Risk taking on "She Said" and - although James did falter on his vocal at some points due to nerves - I thought his mellowed out performance of "Ticket To Ride" was lovely, sincere and really showcased his talent.
 My favourite performance of the night though, by a long shot!!!, belonged to Craig - I know, I know...I'm probably biased because he's a fellow scouser!
 But this year, for the first time, we have 3 people representing for Liverpool (4 if you count the young lad in Nu Vibe) - and Craig is far and away my top pick - he would be if he was from anywhere (even Manchester!!! ;)).
I actually almost cried during his performance of a song with lyrics that usually make me laugh!! He was so sincere. Not to sound too much like Louis Walsh...but I really think he's going to go "all the way".


I really felt for Jonjo - is it just me, or does anybody else think that Gary Barlow really crossed a line in telling him to enjoy his night because he's going home tomorrow?! I mean...come on?! Give your opinion by all means Gary - but who made you King Of The World?!
 I'm really starting to lose my admiration for Gary - which is actually extremely sad for a former Take Thatter (I actually passed out with excitement at their concert - the first time they were famous!....yep, I'm that cool)
And as much as I love Johnny & 2 Shoes with their fun & quirky performances....what market would they be aimed at???

I also did not appreciate Frankie murdering one of my favourite songs right now (The A Team) - I know the little girls all fancy him & he's a looker by modern standards, but come on....its not Britains Next Top Model and his voice is rubbish!!!


Each week I will be making my predictions on who will go & giving my opinions on who I think should go....

Catergory      Who Should Go                                                               Who Will Go

The Girls        Sophie Habibis (Forgettable)                                        Amelia Lily

The Boys         Frankie Cocozza                                                             James Michael

The Groups     2 Shoes (Fun but the least talented)                            2 Shoes

The Overs       Johnny  Robinson (Lovely but not marketable)         Jonjo Kerr

I'm looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow!!

Do you watch the show?  Do you have any favourites?
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