Sunday, 23 October 2011

X Factor Time!!

First off - Apologies for the lack of updates this week! I have started a new job and been in training all week, and have just been too shattered to update. But there will be more regular updates coming this week - including a video review of this months Glossy Box, and a review of Paranormal Activity 2.

Thoughts On The Show

Well well well....what a dramatic show it was last night!!!

Considering it was meant to be Rock week - I am still waiting to be "rocked".

I think ALL of the judges got it wrong last night - Tulisa's idea of taking pop songs and giving them a rock edge wasn't quite what I was looking for - but then, neither was Kelly's idea of taking a cheesy rock classic and turning it into a mellowed ballad - or Gary & Louis' ideas of churning out all the over-done, to-be-expected cheesy side of the rock genre - "Get Your Rocks Off", "If I Could Turn Back Time", "Live and Let Die"....etc, etc, etc.
 It was ALL too dated and too overdone - my favourite song choice was The Darkness - purely because it's not that  over -used on talent shows.
 I would have preferred to see some Weezer, Jet, Nirvana, Skunk Anansie kinda stuff thrown in - but lets face it, this is The X Factor and that's never going to happen.

My top performance of the night was definately Johnny - and I never thought I would say that!!!!

This is mainly because of the song choice and the shock factor - who expected Johnny to pull off rock week?!!?!

Mischa B Controversy

There has been a lot of press attention paid to the fact that Strictly Come Dancing topped The X Factor in viewing figures last weekend - and so this week, the judges have their first drama filled showdown - coincedence? Not likely.

However, that being said - I do think that Tulisa and Louis had every right to "Out" Mischa if she is indeed a bully backstage. She comes across so well on the show and has been one of my firm favourites from the start - but I do NOT want to support a bully, and so I am glad that her true colours have been shown.

The only problem is .... IS their version of things the truth?? There are two sides to every story and nobody other than Mischa and the others involved will know the real version of events. But now Misha's name has been dragged through the mud regardless - is that fair?

I personally beleive that Tulisa was speaking the truth - Kelly's gobsmacked face and Misha's lack of defense kind of give that away.

If this is all true, I hope Misha learns a lesson - that bullies never prosper.

But now that she's been tarred with that brush - can she win?

I think not. In fact, I wouldn't be overly surprised if she went out tonight.

My Eviction Prediction

It's a tough call this week - because once again - I have to say, I was not impressed by the standard.

I think Sophie is still boring and forgetabble, cutesy Janet showing her teeth with the media wouldn't have done her goody-goody image any favours, crazy Kitty is becoming more dull the more her craziness disappears - I'm even getting bored of seeing my former-favourite Craig just standing in the same position on the stage, singing a song that sounds just like the one last week and the week before that.

I would LIKE to see Frankie & Rhythmix in the final two, with Frankie being voted off.

But I have to narrow it predictions this week are:

Frankie Co-Cokehabit and .... I am torn between The Risk, Rhythmix and Sami Brookes.

I'm going to go with....Frankie & Sami in the bottom two this week.

I think that, if this is the case, Frankie will be leaving us - and not a moment too soon!!!
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