Sunday, 13 November 2011

Help Out A New Blogger!

As you can probably tell - I am new to blogging!

I LOVE writing, and am enjoying keeping this blog for fun - but I would like it to be sucessful and - of course - the only way to run a succesful blog is to have lots of followers!

Although I have had 424 page views so far, I only have 13 followers - if you are reading this blog and are enjoying it at all - PLEASE click on the "follow" link at the top left of this page! It only takes a few seconds, and it would really help me out :)

I also greatly appreciate any comments I receive on my blog entries, as its a little pointless to just give my opinions on things without having any feedback - I like interacting with people, and I like to hear what people think of what I've written :)

I want to make this blog really fun, so pleeeease give me the chance to do that by following me, leaving a comment when you can and letting your friends know about me via social networking would be greatly appreciated!

And finally - I would like to know what kinds of things YOU would like to see in this blog.

Right now, I focus on X Factor reviews and predictions, Fashion posts and Recipes - but what else would you like to see? What kind of things interest you that you may like to read about on my blog?

Please comment with your ideas and suggestions - and above all, thank you for reading! xoxo
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