Friday, 4 November 2011

(Late) Things I Love Thursday

Glasses Direct

After approximately 7 years of having poor and deteriorating eye sight - last week, I went for an eye test.

I was told at my last eye test two years ago that I needed glasses for distance, and that my sight was not good - but I couldn't afford to fork out around £200 on a pair, so I had to just ignore it and deal with my ever decreasing vision.

So, when last week, the opitician told me that I have very poor distance sight and that it was now at the point of being illegal for driving - I decided I had to bite the bullet, and get glasses.

Again - I am in no position right now to be spending £200 on a pair of glasses - so I went online, remembering a site my friend Emily told me about a couple of years back.

I went to - the site was easy to navigate, and they were running a Halloween "Spooky Savings" promotion - offering me 30% off my order.

I found a pair I liked (However, if you can't decide on a can pay £5.00 to try on 5 frames of your choice at home - and the £5 is taken off the price of the glasses you eventually decide to order!) - and I ordered them.

All I had to do was type in the details on my prescription from the optician - and that was it!!

With my 30% discount taken off, and my £3.50 delivery charge on top - I paid £22.25 and was informed that my glasses would arrive in approximately 5 days.

Today - 4 days after ordering them - they arrived.

They were well packaged, they came with a hard case and wiping cloth, a 25% discount card for me on any future purchases and a 20% discount card for a friend.

They glasses are brilliant - the difference is mental - I can see clearly, at last!!!! :):):)

I would highly recommend this website to anybody - and if anyone wants to try them with my discount card, let me know! :)

They also offer designer frames and more expensive lenses.

I can't beleive anybody still pays the high street price when such an amazing service is offered for a fraction of the price - without the inconvenience of having to go and collect your glasses, too!


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  1. I've never heard of this company, they have nice prices and your glasses are nice as well. Specsavers is the only place I've gotten my glasses from, but should I need another pair I'm trying this company for sure. Thanks for the tip!


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