Sunday, 13 November 2011

The X Factor

Tonights Show

Well it certainly didn't get off to a good start tonight!! After a technical fault, the show started 15 mins late - not a problem, but an explanation at the time would have been nice ITV!! I was left wondering what on earth was going on....honestly, the sheer horror of thinking I'd recorded the wrong show was almost too much for me to take! ;)

I am very very pleased that Frankie has now left the competition - but I'm not happy at the way he left. I do think it was a bit of a cop out - I'd rather he was eliminated than just pushed out mid-week!

I was probably one of the few who was not excited for the "twist" of replacing him with one of the four eliminated in Week One - as soon as it was mentioned, it was blatantly obvious that it would be Amelia Lily. I would have prefered James Michael personally, as Amelia Lily isn't offering anything that isn't already being offered by Kitty (Bit wacky, similar voice - just a bit younger!) but - as always with The X Factor - the ever-predictable masses had their way, and Amelia is back in the competition. I don't imagine she will be there for long, but we will see.


I find it hard to pick just one highlight this week - the standard is genuinely getting much higher week by week. Its becoming easier to sort the wheat from the chaff, and hopefully the weak will fall at the last hurdle and leave a really strong final 3!

I do keep hearing and seeing negative comments about the standard of the performances this year, which I'm confused by as I think the standard this year is the same as - if not a bit higher - than in previous years. Certainly with Frankie & Johnny gone, any one of the remaining contestants far outshine previous winners such as Steve Brookstein & Joe McElderry - and even Shane Ward, Alexandra Burke and Matt Cardle really!
 Lets face it - their talent is average, and they don't have much in the way of great personalities....Shayne & Joe seem very nice at least (None of the falseness of Alexandra or the bitterness of Steve & Matt!) but they are hardly the worlds most charming, funny or interesting people!!

In my opinion, the contestants this year at least have personalities (Janet excluded, I'm not sure where hers is but its certainly not appearing on the show!) and all have very good voices.

Considering that this is nothing more than a TV talent show - I'm not sure what else people are expecting to see! I don't expect to see the next Tracy Chapman, Jeff Buckley, Eva Cassidy or  Bon Iver ....its just Saturday Night entertainment and if people took it more for what it is - it would be a lot more enjoyable!
Baring in mind that the contestants are not seasoned performers - they are starting out, looking for a my opinion they are doing very well - certainly better than I could do!!

But back to my highlight of the week -  although I am tempted to choose Craig because he always absolutely nails the performance, no matter what the theme or genre - I am going to choose somebody who has surprised me this week.

I started out not liking them at all, I hated the way they dressed and I thought their harmonies were rubbish and their voices did not gel well at all - but in the last 2 weeks, Little Mix have completely turned it around for me.

Suddenly, they look stylish and more grown up - they sound great - their voices are really shining...I am impressed! And they are fast becoming real contenders in my opinion!

So Little Mix are my highlight of the week, with their performance of Radio Gaga/Telephone - Go Girls!!

Low Point

I'm sad to say that this week, my low point was Mischa B.

Her voice was good, it always is - but I expected much, much more from her. The performance felt like a waste of a good song - I would have preferred to see Kitty do the track if this was all Mischa could muster for it.

Her outfit looked terrible, and the performance was just a non-starter for me - I found it really, really dull. I don't actually think it was Mischa's fault - I blame whoever was responsible for the dull-as-dishwater arrangement.

My Predictions

I do think that Amelia may struggle, simply because she hasnt had the same opportunity to establish a fan base as the others have - but I do hope she at least stays for another week.
I think that Kitty, Mischa B and Janet are all in trouble this week - I am finding it hard to narrow it down to two.

I will say that I will not be at all surprised if Janet ends up in the bottom two this week, but I think the most likely ones - based on previous weeks - are Mischa & Kitty.

If this is the case, I think it will be time to say goodbye to Kitty.

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