Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Christmas Movie Countdown - 5 days to go!!!

Christmas is just a mere 5 days away!! Are you all feeling excited yet?

I certainly am! My Christmas festivities are going to be kicking off today with a visit to a hotel with my parents and my niece for some Christmas events! So - I may not get around to watching a Christmas movie tonight. However, I did watch one last night!


Starring: Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Kevin Spacey, Rachel Weisz

Director: David Dobkin

Plot:  Imagine being the younger, under-acheiving brother of Santa Claus? That is the predicament that Fred has found himself in since his childhood. His brother Nick became a saint - which means he and his family are frozen in time. Nick is now more commonly known to the world - as Santa Claus.
 When Fred's girlfriend dumps him and he goes to his generous brother for a loan, Nick insists that he come to North Pole and earn the money. With nasty Kevin Spacey trying to shut Santa Claus down, what will the consequences of Fred's presence be?

HIGH POINTS: Vince Vaughn, although he always plays pretty much the same character, never fails to make me laugh by bringing a realism to an otherwise very difficult character to beleive. Ludacris's elf DJ and the Charlene/Woody love story also add some magic to this very sweet little comedy. The North Pole scenes are also a sight to behold and are exactly as I have always pictured Santa's home to look.

LOW POINTS: I find Rschel Weisz's presence in the movie rather uneccesary, and - while hammy acting can sometimes help a Christmas movie - I don't feel that her shoddy performance as Fred's girlfriend hinders the movie, it just feels to me that she felt no need to really try to put in a good performance. But then, I have never been a Rachel Weisz fan - so perhaps that is why I didn't enjoy her in this movie. And whilst I do love Paul Giametti as an actor, I don't think he makes a very good Santa Claus.

MY THOUGHTS:  All in all, this is a fun and funny Christmas movie for the teen and adult market - not really one that I imagine would keep the kids all that interested due to a lack of fluffiness.

RATING: 7/10

I still have lots of movies left to watch and review before the big day! I plan on watching Home Alone 1 & 2, Mixed Nuts, The Littlest Light On The Christmas Tree, All I Want For Christmas, Elf, Its A Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause and Surviving Christmas.

9 movies in 4 days....eeeeeeeek! Wish me luck! ;)

Do you have a personal favourite Christmas movie? Leave me a comment and let me know what it is!!
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