Friday, 25 May 2012


So, I decided to post a little Pictorial about my current Make-Up staples! I don't know about you guys, but I have certain items that I use as my "every day" face - these are the items I carry around with me in my bag, and couldn't be
 without. I like to mix it up and experiment of course, but if I'm planning a standard day doing nothing more than some shopping, bits around the house, work, etc - then I stick to same old tried & tested cosmetics! So I thought I'd share my usual suspects with you all :)

Olay Beauty Fluid - £2.99
I use this under my foundation to help it to go on smoother, kind of like a primer. It's always worked really well for me :)

A rare sight - I'm being brave showing this - me with NO make up on :/ I have anemia so I suffer terribly with HUGE dark circles under my eyes, and my skin can look really sallow sometimes. 

MAC Studio Fix Foundation - Shade: NC15 - £19.50

As soon as I have the foundation on, I have a much more even base to work with!

Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon in black - £3.99 (I like to use it a little blunt for a softer look) 
Applied on my inner lower lids only

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - £13.50 
Applied under my eyes with my fingertips for easy blending

George @ Asda Pressed Powder in Medium Beige - £4.00
  Just a light dusting applied across the face to hold makeup in place, applied with St Tropez bronzer brush

Benefit Coralista (I have an early version, while it was still using the name "Rio") - £23.50 
I like a heavy look with blusher so this is perfect for me :)

After applying the above products :)

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Lovelorn - £13.50

Bath & Body Works Strawberry Cosmo Lipgloss - $4.00

My finished lips!

Lipsy Daytime Doll Palette - £8.00 
 I love this palette - it has lots of gorgeous eyeshadow colours for a daytime look, and some cute lipglosses too! it fits perfectly in my handbag and has a decent mirror too, bonus :)

I chose the deep brown eyeshadow for today

How it looks on

Blink & Go Hi Definition Mascara in black - £12.95

My finished lashes

This is everything I used!

The finished look (Sorry for the bad lighting, I took the pix on my Blackberry!) 

 So ... we went from this:                                                to this:

What are your thoughts on my every day look? What are your favourite products to use each day? Let me know! :)

 xoxo - Hayley
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