Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesdays Treats

This week I am taking part in a new Blog Hop, hosted by the lovely Spot Of Tea, if you haven't yet - go check her out! :)

The hop requires us to post about something that we have been loving lately - so I have chosen:

James Brown - Photo Fabulous products.
Shampoo - 250 ml - £6.99
Conditioner - 250 ml - £6.99
Intensive Treatment - 250 ml - £6.99

Now, hair products are very important for me as I have extremely long hair which can be very difficult to inject any life into - it can be very flyaway too.

So I'm always keen to try new products - I received this gift set as a Christmas present, and my first impression was that it smelt AMAZING!  Always a plus!

I used the shampoo and conditioner first, and found that my hair had a lot more bounce and shine than usual and the effects lasted for much longer than with other shampoos and conditioners - usually my hair starts to look like it could do with a wash after about 3 days, but after I'd used these products it lasted  around 5 days! Amazing for me, as my hair takes 30 minutes to dry - so if I can get away with doing it less frequently, all the better!

I then used the Intensive Treatment - which is sort of a deep conditioning treatment, except it doesn't need to be left on for ages! - and Oh Em Gee - the difference it made was incredible! My hair suddenly had so much life to it! It gave me tons of volume and just looked so healthy!

I can't say that this product is for everybody as we all know that hair products all work differently on different people - but for me, this was a miracle find and I will 100% be buying more James Brown products in the future! :)

xoxo Hayley

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