Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What's In My Bag...

So, I decided to let you guys have a little peek into my every-day handbag....

I LOVE this bag - I bought it from www.brandalley.com for a BARGAIN £70.00 about 6 months ago, and I have used it every day since! Juicy Couture is by far and away my favourite brand! 

This is their Daydreamer bag, and its SO cute inside - with Juicy Couture print all over, a little pocket for my phone with "Hello?" written on, and a little heart shaped mirror with "I'm the fairest of them all" written down it....

Its baby pink velour on the outside with the signature Juicy Scotty Dog crest and a very cute diamante encrusted "Juicy" keyring attached.

So...onto whats inside!

L-R, from top to bottom:
*My glasses! - I only need them for driving
*My make up bag and my everyday makeup items inside it
*My hairbrush - I love this paddle brush, its great for my long hair!
*My 2012 diary and a pen
*My passport
*My umbrella - hopefully not needed in this weather but you never know! 
*My LIPSY Daytime Doll palette for eyeshadow
*My Sunglasses - from New Look
*My car keys
*Handy Wipes
*Paracetamol (Painkillers)
*Mini Britney Spears Radiance perfume
*My hair grip - also from New Look
*Soap & Glory Hand Food
*My house keys (Complete with dolphin keyring!)
*Love note from my boyfriend :)

And the two most important items in my bag!:
*My mobile - A blackberry curve
*My Juicy Couture purse - I got this for 40 Euros from a department store in Portugal :)

So thats whats in my bag, what do you always carry with you? :)

Let me know!

xoxo Hayley


I signed up for the Blog Hop again this week - if you haven't done it before, check it out! :) BlogLoveTherapy

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