Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gold by Giles lipstick/lipgloss & Elegant Touch false nails reviews!

Gold by Giles Deacon lipstick in Fuschia
£2.99 - New Look

This is the lipstick on.

I found the lipstick really easy to apply - it gave a very rich colour but was not too dramatic. I'd say this could easily be worn for an evening or daytime look. It applied very smoothly, and had a very matte finish. It stayed on well too, lasted for at least an hour with needing a touch up - which is almost unheard of with lipsticks for me!!

Gold by Giles Deacon lipgloss in Smooch
£2.99 - New Look

I applied the gloss over the Fuschia lipstick above, and it was a nice finishing touch! The gloss itself gave a lovely sheen, but was very opaque - I wouldn't use it without a coloured lipstick underneath personally. It does have a lot of glitter to it though (Which shoes in the swatch below) which I like! It lasted for quite a while without needing a touch up, and it smelt nice and was not too sticky!

All in all - I'm impressed with the lipstick and lipgloss! I'll certainly be getting a lot of wear out of them! :)

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Swatch of Fuschia Lipstick (top) and Smooch lipgloss (bottom). 

As I've no doubt mentioned before, I have real issues with my nails! I am incapable of not biting them, and so they are all very uneven and brittle - so I quite often use fake nails as it gives my own nails a chance to grow for a few days without me nibbling away at them!
So I'm always on the lookout for new falsies I can try out!

I spotted these in Superdrug and decided to give them a try - they are by Elegant Touch, and include 3 colours: Baby blue, Pastel pink and Softest Coral.
They include 12 different sizes in each colour, and are designed to be mixed and matched - however, I didn't fancy that and decided to just use them in their individual colour sets!
They were £6.99 - which I think is pretty good for 3 sets of nails! It also included nail glue, which was pretty hard wearing.

The photo shows the baby blue set, which I thought was lovely. 
The nails were listed as "short" which was a perfect length to look elegantly look but still be short enough to enable me to type and text without them getting in the way! :)

I'd definately recommend these if you're a fan of fake nails!

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