Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend In Review

As somebody who has always appreciated the Royal Family, I fully expected to enjoy this weekends celebrations in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee...
However, I didn't expect to feel as moved by it all as I have been.

Considering that she is 86 years old, and that the Duke Of Edinburgh is 90, I think its remarkable that they were as active as they were throughout the four day celebrations.

On Saturday we saw them in attendance at the Epsom Derby, on Sunday they were aboard the Royal Barge joining in with a 1,000 strong flotilla along the River Thames - standing for the entire four hour long trip in harsh rain and extreme cold, on Monday the Queen attended the Diamond Jubilee concert held outside Buckingham Palace, and today the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family attended a Thanksgiving service and luncheon before the events culminated with their procession home and their appearance on the balcony of the palace.

The papers have dwelled very much  on the outfits worn by Kate Middleton, with many suggesting that this red Alexander McQueen ensemble was too daring and was an attempt to upstage the monarch on her special day

In my personal opinion, Kate looked beautiful as always and I see nothing wrong in a young Royal wearing a striking colour .

If anybodys outfit colour was ill-advised I would have said it was Camilla's, as her cream-coloured outfit looked remarkably similar to the white outfit worn by the Queen and reminded me of someone wearing white to a wedding to upstage the bride.

However, I thought that the Queen herself looked absolutely stunning - my favourite outfit was this one:

Accentued with swarovski, this was the perfect look for the Diamond event. I can only hope to have such elegance at the grand old age of 86!!

And what about the Diamond Jubilee concert, attended by all of Pops royalty?!

For me, the fashion mistake of the night belonged to Cheryl Cole

While I usually like her style, I felt that this "wet look" mish mash of sequins and mesh coupled with a very mediocre ponytail and overly heavy makeup was a little short of the mark for the occasion. Much like her vocals, unfortunately!

Kylie Minogue's apparent nod to the Pearly Queens of London was a more fun approach

While, for once, Jessie J got it right in her Falguni & Shane peacock dress - with her more styled ponytail perhaps the look that Cheryl had been hoping for, but didn't quite achieve?!

But, after all is said & done, we Brits are good at tacky - and thats the look I went for myself while celebrating the Jubilee!!

I went for "Royal Blue" eyes using two shades of blue from my MAC palette

I wore my hair in a messy Fishtail plait:

Accesorised with a Union Jack top hat fascinator from Tesco:

And for my "Red, White & Blue" themed outfit, I wore:

My blue court shoes from New Look - £24.99

My bright red jeans from New Look - £17.99

And my Union Jack Lip Print tank top from New Look - £7.99

I also wore my Union Jack nails:

And that completed my very cheesy but festive Jubilee look! God Save The Queen!

What did you do to celebrate the Jubilee? Who did you think hit the right notes in the fashion stakes?! 
Let me know! :)

xoxo Hayley
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  1. Eugh you're right, Cheryl Cole looked awful!

    Love the jubilee inspired outfit - the nails are very patriotic! ;)

    New follower via the Blog Hop! :)

    Lola ..x

    1. Thanks Lola!

      Haha I thought so too!

      Thanks for following, I'll go follow you too :)


  2. nice mani and love your nails here!!

  3. Nice post !!
    I love your jubilee nails and outfit x)

    xoxo ♥

  4. Kate looks absolutely stunning! I love the red on her :)
    And I totally agree about the Cheryl thing too lol although I did like her make up :P


    1. Doesn't she?! I dont know what the press were talking about! :)


  5. I've been loving all of this Jubilee coverage, and I so wish I was in the UK! It must be so exciting. I agree, the Queen looks just marvelous, and she's such an inspiration. Also agree on Camilla's outfit...

    Also, loving the royal corgi pics I've seen!

    1. It really was a wonderful weekend! I feel so very proud to be British right now! :)


  6. This is a great post :) I loved celebrating the Jubilee! Your outfit is very cute and I loved Kate's dress and thought Kylie looked great. *not mentioning the large Cheryl elephant in the room*

    Tanesha x

    1. Thanks! :)

      I'm gonna go check out your blog Tanesha :)

  7. I got all chocked up whilst watching the concert!

    I loved Kates outfit, I think she always looks flawless and I think they were going for the red, white and blue theme and as seen as the queen was in white and her hubby was in blue she had to go for red!!

    Great post xxx

  8. Just to let you know hun, this post didn't come up in my reading list??

    I defo agree with that you said about the royals outfits Kate looked stunning & not at all inappropriate unlike Camilla, or bumface as my Mum likes to call her! My Mum is a Diana lover & has hated Camilla for a long time. But her Madge certainly looked beautiful at every opportunity.

    I was really pleasantly surprised by Jessie j I thought she looked lovely.

    Nice post hun, especially as some our friends from across the pond didn't know what is was about. This will hive them a nice idea of it x :-)

    1. How random?!

      Ha! My mum is the same about Diana Vs Camilla - I did always dislike Camilla loads. I'm warming to her slightly but she'll never be Diana!

      Thanks hun, it was a fun post to write :)


  9. Shame about Chery Cole's outfit, she always looks so stunning otherwise!!

    Was really disappointed to miss the celebrations - was in Ireland visiting family, and there was hardly anything going on for it :/

    Greetings from your newest follower!


    1. Aww thats a shame :/

      I agree, Cheryl Cole does usually look so perfect!


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