Monday, 18 June 2012

My Weekend Outfit & Katy Perry Lashes review!

This weekend I had a (rare!) night out at a local club - I used to go out clubbing/dancing ALL the time but I've kind of outgrown it a bit in recent years and so haven't actually been out properly since my 30th birthday celebrations last September!

I was looking forward to going out and having a dance though, and my favourite part of going out is always the opportunity to dress up and be a bit more daring than usual with the old makeup! :)

I wore:
My sequin neck top from New Look
My new black shorts from New Look
Black opaque tights
and my Moda In Pelle diamante heels!

I went for quite a heavy make up look, I wore:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC15
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC15
Lipsy bronzer
Too Faced La Vie En Rose Blusher
MAC Love Lorn lipstick
Cosmopolitan lip gloss in Strawberry Daquiri

As for my eyes, I went for something much more dramatic than I usually wear!:

I used:
  • L'oreal 3 step smoky eyes palette - using dark blue on the inner corners, silver over the lids and a line of dark grey in the crease, with the highlighter from the palette going from the crease to just below the brows
  • A dusting of L'oreal silver eyeshadow over the lids to give more sparkle
  • HD Brows palette light brown over my eyebrows
  • Katy Perry "Cool Kitty" false eyelashes by Eyelure
  • Collection 2000 gel eyeliner in black along the lash line
I loved this look and I didn't need to re-apply it at all - everything lasted perfectly all night!

As for the Katy Perry lashes, this was my first time using them and I was very pleased!
They were VERY easy to apply (As Eyelure lashes always are, in my experience), they lasted very well and were really easy to remove at the end of the night. Perfect! I can't wait to try the others in the range :) Cool Kitty were quite a dramatic look, but I like that :)

I accessorized with one of my favourite pair of earrings, my very long diamante ones!

And that was my look for the weekend! :)

I usually always wear dresses to go out, so it was odd for me to wear shorts but I actually found them really comfortable! :)

What did you all get up to this weekend!? Let me know!

xoxo Hayley



  1. Oh my gosh I want that eyeshadow! It's gorgeous :D And the lashes look fab too. I wouldn't know they weren't your own if you hadn't said. That's the part that has always put me off trying them out: that I'd end up messing them up and everyone realising what I'd done hehe xx

    1. Thanks hun! :) Its my favourite eyeshadow for nights out :)
      Aww bless hehe! I think they're really easy to use, the trick is to let the glue dry for about 15 seconds before you try to put them on!
      Let me know how you find them :)


  2. you look great hun! hope you had a fab night!
    Hannah x

  3. very cute outfit!

  4. Beautiful eyes! Cute blog too :)

    Happy Blog Hopping and drop by my tiny blog!

  5. Your make-up looked fabulous and I didn't even know that Katy Perry had an eyelash line!

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah its pretty new here, she designs them for Eyelure :0)


  6. Super cute outfit and I LOVE the outfit! xxxx

  7. You looked beautiful hun. That eye makeup is stunning.

    Even after all the years of practicing I still cannot get the hang of false lashes. I've watched lots of tutorials but just can't do it! X :-)

    1. Aww thank you :)

      I used to struggle to be honest, but I find if you just allow the glue about 10 seconds drying time before you put them on it really helps! :)


  8. You are very pretty! I love your makeup and your outfit!! ^^
    And your eyes are beautiful!!
    Sorry for my english beacause I'm French girl and I make mistakes ^^


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