Sunday, 3 June 2012

New Look Haul & OOTD

So, I haven't stuck awfully well to my no-spending promise :/ Must try harder!

Just wanted to share my little New Look haul with you guys :)

 Top - Bottom, L-R:
Gold by Giles Deacon Highlighter
Gold by Giles Deacon nail varnishes in Purple, Blue, Brown and Dark Red
Rollasoles - LOVE these, my first pair and I think they will be the first of many!
Nail Art by Technic
Nail Art pens
Lip Foils by Lip Rock - never tried these before!
Katy Perry for Eyelure false lashes - in "Oh My Lash!", "Oh Honey!" and "Cool Kitty".

Red & Green Espadrilles - these were on a 2 for £10 offer!

 Cream & Black Polka Dot Mini Skirt

 Cream & Red Polka Dot Skirt by Kelly Brook

 Union Jack Lips tshirt - this is for my Jubilee outfit tomorrow! :)

Todays OOTD

Today I wore my new polka dot mini skirt, with a black vest top and a black slash-back t shirt, and some black leggings underneath.

 I accessorized with my current favourite item - my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet

 And my birdcage necklace from New Look

 My black flip flop sandals from New Look

Close up of the back detailing on my top - I'm not brave enough to wear this without a vest top underneath!

 I went for a much heavier than usual eye look today, as I thought it matched the outfit well, 
I used a white eyeshadow by Lipsy, black Barry M Supersoft eyecrayon, and Collection 2000 gel eyeliner on both my upper and lower eyelid lines, I also used Benefits They're Real mascara.



  1. Let us know what you think of the Giles nail polish! I own the blue and didn't really like it!
    Hannah x

    1. Will do :)
      I've tried them before, I've got the Teal Green and I really liked it :)


  2. I LOVE that polka dot mini skirt, was going to get it off the website but they didn't have my size, keep hoping I'll see it in store. Such a cute skirt. You've chosen some lovely things! x

    1. It is cute isn't it?! I wanted a bit of a 50s look with it but need to wear it with shorter leggings I think! :)

      Thanks hun! :)


  3. I have those exact rollasoles and I love them!! Sooo comfy after wearing heels all night! xx

    1. They're amazing aren't they?! I've got them in my bag, I'm almost excited to get sore feet so I can pop them on lol!
      They're such a great idea, wish they'd been around 5 years ago when I was doing more clubbing!

  4. I love the birdcage necklace! Might need to get myself one! And I have the same TS bracelet, we have good taste ;) xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. Thanks! New Look sell them for about £3 :)

      Oooh lovely, do you have many charms for it? I love them! :) Yay for great taste hehe!


  5. Those polka dot skirts are too cute!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  6. Ooh love your haul! I see some nail art stuff there, looking forward to seeing some posts with it.

    I'll be interested to see how you get on with the lip rocks aswell.

    Loving that polka dot skirt aswell, looks Fab on you x :-)

    1. Yep, I thought I'd start trying some out! I've worn fake nails for the past few days which means I havn't been biting my own nails - so they've grown a little! :)

      Will be doing some posts testing out the foils, lashes, etc over the next few days :)

      Thanks hun! It was really comfy to wear!


  7. These are some great items in your recent haul. In the US we have this service called birchbox and they had the lip rock and eye rock items as part of the shipment. I've not yet tried the eyerock i received...

  8. Love the Katy Perry lashes! Sooo gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3 Following now!

  9. love your white and black polka dot skirt!!
    love the polish you are wearing!!

  10. Thank you for your comment on my blog, what a fab giveaway your doing - I've entered it :) love your blog, you look like a princess :)
    I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin!

  11. love your sandals!

    my recent post:


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