Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NOTD & Lip Rock Review

Hello Lovelies!

This is a bit of a mixed bag of a post, but I started my new job today (Which I LOVE!) and I am up for work at 6am - so I'm heading off to bed in a moment! And so I decided to combine my posts into one :)

First of all, todays NOTD! :)
With flash

This is Gold by Giles Deacon from New Look - £2.99 - The shade is simply called "Brown" lol - creative, isn't it?!

Its a very matte yet creamy shade of light brown, and I actually like it - I think its a shade I'll get a lot of use out of in the Autumn. It went on very smoothly and dried VERY quickly.

The only negative is that - after I took a shower, about 20 minutes after applying - one whole nail's worth of colour just literally dropped off for no apparent reason?! Just in one big flake :/  Not sure if that was just some random occurence as it hasn't happened again since!

Without flash 

Lip Rock Review

I had really been looking forward to trying these - the look they're supposed to give you is a very dramatic foil/glitter appearance in the style of Jessie J etc - I was excited to see how well they worked!

You apply them by coating your lips with the lip adhesive (very similar to eyelash glue!) and waiting for  2 minutes until it goes clear (make sure you don't clamp your lips during that time, they will stick together!)

You then apply the foil to your lips (shiny side in) and press firmly, before ripping off quickly.

Very straight forward, right?!

Yep...thats what I thought too.

Unfortunately, it didnt work.

It didnt work the first time I tried.

or the second time.

or even the fifth time!

The look you are supposed to achieve is the one on the cover, the one I acheived after FIVE attempts is this:

Quite different, right?! 

If I had been hoping to achieve a dramatic lip LINER look, great - as for some reason, it would ONLY stick to the outlines of my lips - leaving me looking rather silly!

So - all in all - I think this product is a great idea. Now if they can just get it to actually work, I'd be interested.

What a shame :/

Have you ever tried Lip Rock? What did you think?! Let me know! :)

xoxo Hayley

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