Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pretty pretty pretty shoes....

I'm heading off to bed shortly as I have a childrens party to do tomorrow (I'm a party planner and entertainer in my "free time"!) but I just had to share with you guys my pretty new sandals!

 Moda in Pelle - £49.99

The pictures don't do them justice - they are pale dusky pink and they have silver and pale pink diamantes which are just SOOOOO sparkly when they catch the light! It looks like my feet are twinkling when I walk! :)

These were a gift from my lovely boyfriend so I haven't broken my "No Spending" rule :)

And also, I know lots of bloggers have mentioned it but theres no harm in me pointing it out so that nobody misses these! - there are some GREAT freebies on offer in this months magazines!

Glamour (£2) are offering a choice of Benefit miniatures - including Bad Gal Lash Mascara, That Gal Primer and The Porefessional - I went for the latter as its the only one I haven't tried yet!

And Marie Claire (£3.89) are offering a FULL size Ciate nail polish worth £9 in a choice of nude, hot pink or purple - I went for the Purple Sherbert :)

Well thats all from me for tonight lovelies! Have a lovely weekend and if you're based in the UK, enjoy the Jubilee celebrations! :)

P.S - I'm SO close to 50 followers - which means its almost time for my giveaway!!!! :) I've already picked my prize out, worth £25 so watch this space! :)

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