Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Question Wednesday

Well its Wednesday, which can only mean one thing....its time for the fab Question Wednesday blog hop over at the lovely Nykki's blog!

This week it was little old me who came up with the questions, it was so much fun to do, so thank you Nykki for letting me do it! :)

1.What is your favourite girly hobby/interest?

My girliest hobbies are my interest in makeup and fashion and my interest in baking, but I'd say the girliest interest that I have is weddings - I have bought wedding magazines since I was about 10 years old! My best friend and I have always scrapbooked our favourite wedding looks, even though neither of us is married yet! :)

2. Who is, in your opinion, a great example of  a 21st century female role model?

I find it hard to choose just one, I would have gone with Kate Winslet but I feel that she has let things slide a little lately with some comments she's made so I can't pick her....I would have to go with Kate Middleton. I think she is a wonderful role model to young women - she combines fashion with class, she is beautiful but demure, she has oodles of elegance and grace, she is the epitome of femininity, she is intelligent...she has it all! 

3.What are your top 3 favourite chick flicks?

I love my chick flicks, but I'd say my top 3 are: 
"Clueless" - timeless! Full of fashion and fab music, funny and so romantic in a fun way!
"The House Bunny" - a great modern chick flick, I think Anna Faris and Emma Stone are both hilarious!
"Serendipity" - I love the idea of fate and destiny, I love John Cusack, I love New all things combined, this movie is perfect for me! :)

4.We're having a sleepover! What snacks will you bring and what music will you play?

I would bring Pizza and Popcorn, and some rose wine! And we'd play loads of cheesy sing-a-long kind of music that we could dance to...Britney, Backstreet Boys, all the old school stuff! :)

5.What is the girliest item that you own?

Well all of my kitchen appliances (microwave, kettle, toaster, bread bin, etc) are pink - so I guess it would be them! Or maybe my pink hairdryer and pink ghds :)

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