Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Question Wednesday

Today's Topic from Aly over at Wonderland Beauty is: Holy-grail products
  1. What is your go-to eye makeup look? What products do you use to achieve this look?

    My daytime eye look: Soft brown from my Lipsy Daytime Doll Palette with Benefit "They're Real" mascara :)

    My evening eye look: L'oreal 3 step smoky eyes palette,with a dusting of L'oreal silver eyeshadow, Katy Perry false lashes, and Collection 2000 gel eye liner :)

  2. What are your top 3 favorite lip products for summer?
    Figs & Rouge lip balm, MAC lipstick in LoveLorn & Dermologica Lip Renewal Complex
  3. What is your favorite liquid face product?
    MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, hands down!
  4. What is your favorite eyebrow product?
    I'm loving my HD Brows palette right now!
  5. Lastly, what are some of your holy grail makeup items?
    MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, MAC Studio finish concealer, Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon, & Benefit They're Real mascara :)

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  1. WOW benefits mascara works really well on you! great eye looks!

  2. wow! Your lashes look amazing on the first photo!

  3. I love MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn, too- it's such a great shade!

  4. I love your evening look hun. That benefit mascara looks amazing, I've just been put off of trying it because of the price and hearing it's hard to take off x :-)

    1. Aww thanks hun! :)
      Yeah thats true actually, I <3 the mascara but it does tend to stick and be difficult to take off! I really want to try the mascara remover I read about on someones blog

  5. Love the effect of the Benefit mascara! I may pick it up next time I run out of mascara.


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