Sunday, 10 June 2012

So its time for todays Summer Blog Challenge from Going Green with the Grizls!

Todays question is:

Cost aside, what famous art piece would you have in your home

I would choose a piece that is not beautiful, but is just something nostalgic for me and reminds me so much of home....

"Superlambanana is a bright yellow sculpture located in Liverpool, England. Weighing almost eight tons and standing at 17 feet tall, it is intended to be a cross between a banana and a lamb and was created by Manhattan-based Japanese artist Taro Chiezo. It currently stands in Tithebarn Street, outside the Liverpool John Moores University Avril Robarts Library/Learning Resource Centre, having previously been located on Wapping near the Albert Dock.[1]
Chiezo himself only created a four-inch model, with four local artists: Andy Small, Julian Taylor, Tommy Reason and Ray Stokes, creating the full size replica. Developed for the 1998 ArtTransPennine Exhibition, the sculpture is both a comment on the dangers of genetic engineering and also heavily influenced by the history of Liverpool: historically both sheep and bananas were common cargos in the city's docks.
In 2008, as part of Liverpool's year-long position as European Capital of Culture, 125 individually designed miniature replicas were created. Sponsored by local community organisations and businesses in the city, the mini Superlambananas were located throughout the Liverpool and Merseyside region. One sculpture, The Highest SuperLambBanana, was located on top of Moel Famau, North Wales, recognising the very close links the city has with that region.[2]" - taken from Wikipedia

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