Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - catching up!

Continuing on from yesterdays post, I'm catching up with the fab Summer Blog Challenge blog hop over at Going Green With The Grizls...this post brings me right up to date with the daily challenges! :)

Nicknames you have and why you have them

Haylz, HayHay, etc - all shortenings of my name (Hayley)
Goldilocks/Rapunzel/Tangled - all because of my very long hair. Goldilocks came about at school, Tangled is something much more recent - obviously!
Mac - my surname is McLean

Picture of something that makes you happy

My two lovely nieces!

 Lottie-Marie is 2

Amelie is 4 :)

Not including blogging - your favourite guilty pleasure

Hmmm I would have to say Singstar!! I am NOT a very good singer, but I LOVE playing Singstar! I often host Singstar parties for my friends, and even love just playing it alone! Its such good fun! :)

Your worst cooking disaster

Hmm this is a difficult one actually. I don't tend to be all that adventurous in the kitchen and prefer to stick to tried & tested recipes....and I've always been quite lucky on the few occasions that I have tried new recipes, they've always turned out ok.

The only thing that comes to mind is one evening I was hosting one of my adore-mentioned Singstar parties for friends and I decided to cook some little cakes - I made some little toffee apple cupcakes but I burnt them :( I ran out of time and ended up serving them friends thought it was hilarious and referred to them as "Failure Cakes"....unfortunately for me my friends have long memories, and even now - 5 years on - my friends still request Failure Cakes at my parties! :/

I apologise for the lack of fashion, beauty and movie related posts this weekend! I will be posting up a NOTD post and a Scrimp Vs Spend make up post tomorrow :)

xoxo Hayley
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