Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Days 21, 22, 23 & 24

Most Recent Words Of Wisdom You Heard That Stuck With You

"You can't please all of the people, all of the time"

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a writer or a teacher - I had phases of other things like actor or nurse, but it was always mainly writing or teaching that I wanted to do. Neither of those ever really left me, I'd still love to do either one of them - they're just a lot more difficult to get into than I could have imagined as a child :/

Favourite Blog Post You've written before this challenge


Favourite Eco-Friendly Thing To Do

I'm the first to admit, I'm not very good at being green =-/ I'm not somebody who particularly enjoys the great outdoors either, so I don't really have any green living hobbies! The best thing I can think of is that, in my line of work, i'm responsible for planning activities for the children I work with and we often take them on nature trails or do junk modelling with them - meaning we use all of our old yoghurt pots, milk bottles, etc for modelling with. 



  1. I used to love junk modelling when I was a kid. I still enjoyed it when I worked in the nursery too. I'm such a big kid, I love to play lol x :-)

    1. Ha! It is fun!
      Lol, well that probably works out really well for Gracie! And thats the great thing about working with kids, you just basically get paid to play all day long lol

    2. Yeah she loves to do lots if fun things all though we haven't got round to doing things with glue etc apart from sonera glittery things at Christmas but she was much less trouble then lol.

      You're right, I used to love working with kids; I do kind of regret giving it up, but the mine is so rubbish x :-)

    3. Awww bless lol!

      Yeah the money isn't great, especially in nurseries! Are you level 3 qualified? My role at the moment is a supervisor one in a breakfast and afterschool club at a school, and the pay is the same as I was on working in call centres - its not minimum wage at least, but not much higher! Only £7.50 an hour!
      But I know the playworkers who are level 2 are on minimum wage, which is a bit rubbish :/


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