Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Days 25 & 26!

What Is Your Ideal Day Of "Me Time"

Ooooh well, I'd start with a nice looooong bubble bath. 
Then I'd do all of my little beautifying bits & pieces - nails, waxing, face mask, exfoliate, etc etc.
Then I'd spend an hour or so sitting with my feet in soak, sipping a glass of rose, reading a good book.
Later on I'd chill out and write some letters to my penpals, then I'd curl up and watch a good girly movie and stuff my face with chocolate and Ben & Jerrys!

After that, I'd sit in my massage chair and listen to my Ipod for an hour.

Then I'd go to bed and read some magazines until I fell asleep!

Perfect! :)

What Does Your Significant Other Do That Makes Your Heart Melt?

Well I am a very lucky girlie as my boyfriend Jon is definately a good egg!

He's always doing thoughtful little things for me - like bringing home treats such as ice cream, magazines with good freebies, books he knows I'd like, etc etc.

He's always trying to look after me too - at the moment I'm not very well, and am full of flu - and so he's been keeping me covered up on the sofa while he goes to the supermarket and gets me tissues/vaseline/vicks inhalers, etc! He's been making me dinners too, and is coming home tonight and making me some vegetable soup to try to get me well again!

Its also just little things like he always texts me or calls me on every break at work, and on his way home from work too - he's just a real sweetie :)

He's a keeper! :)

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