Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge!

I saw that Dana over at one of my fave Blog reads Earth, Mi nd & Body was doing this blog hop and it looked like a lot of fun (and goodness knows, I'm loving my blog hopping at the moment!), so I decided to join in with it too!

I have 8 days to catch up I'm gonna combine 5 days worth in todays post, and do the other 4 in tomorrows post to bring me up to date! :)

Basically, the idea is that you sign up to the Hop and you complete the challenge set each day....sounds like fun, right?! So, lets get started!

Challenge 1: Why are you doing this challenge?

Well I realise that, although we all communicate regularly through our blogs and read a lot about each others thought on beauty products and fashion etc, we don't often really get to know the person behind the blog. In other forms of social networking the PERSON that you are connecting with is very apparent, but Blogging is a lot more anonymous in a way - which is fine, in some ways I even enjoy it for that reason, but I am curious by nature and I like to know more about the people behind the screen - and so likewise, I think it only fair to allow people to know more about the person behind MY blog too.
Plus, it can be a challenge to always come up with new subjects to blog about and so a challenge like this can be a great way to get blogging inspiration :)

Challenge 2: Post a picture of you smiling
This is the most recent smiley pic I could find, I dont often smile in photos as I have real issues about my teeth! This was taken in February on holiday :)

Challenge 3: Tell us 15 Interesting things about yourself

* I was named after the British child acress Hayley Mills
* My birthday is September 11th - not the best day for a birthday!
*I am quite spiritual and I love going to alternative fayres
*I was due to get married a couple of years ago but I had to cancel it 8 weeks before the day
*My main hobby aside from blogging is penpalling! I have about 30 penpals
*I also write to a few prisoners in the USA
*I was born in the same hospital as John Lennon
*I have a keen interest in the Titanic, the life of Marilyn Monroe and the Salem Witch trials
*I love writing - I have written 3 full novels and a screenplay but I've never sent them off anywhere
*I LOVE music and have very eclectic tastes
*I have a love of anything 80s - especially 80s music and movies!
*I'm qualified in childcare & education, and performing arts
*I went to college with Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud)
*I LOVE cruise holidays!
*I can't drive yet but I own a car

Challenge 4: Meaning behind your blog name

Well, its pretty self-explanatory I guess!, I intended to blog mainly about make up and movies with the occasional post about other subjects - hence the title - Make Up, Movies & More! :)

Challenge 5: Short term goals for this month and why you have them

*To spend less money - because I'm starting a new job next week and I will be working a month in hand, so I'll be trying to survive about 8 weeks without ANY money coming in - EEEEEK!!!
*To eat healthier - I have been so incredibly lazy lately and have been living off crappy food and takeaways for ages! I keep telling my boyfriend "Next week we're having salads all week long"...then he comes home with a pizza and I eat it! AAARGH! Must try harder!


  1. so where is the link to the blog hop? or this just a post? Im confused :(

    1. Its where it says "this blog hop" :) Or you can just go to :)


  2. Ooh this looks like quite good fun hun, I might join too.

    I have childcare qualifications too! I worked in a nursery & did child mending. Plus u was supposed to get married last year & had to cancel. Yet more things we have in common lol x :-)

    1. You should! I think its fab! :)

      Oh cool! :) I've worked in nurseries too, and done nannying :) I'm gonna be a supervisor as of next week at a school/holiday club :)

      Really?! wow thats a coincedence! hehe! Did you get far into your planning? I had EVERYTHING booked and bought! Still got my wedding dress lol.


  3. Great Post! You should send off your writing you never know where it can get you!

  4. Yay, you decided to go for it! Fab post hun :) That blue dress is really pretty on you! I've been considering publishing my pieces recently too as I have quite a few poems and short stories that I've written. Have you heard of blurb? It's free to design your book on there. Then there's a choice once you've finished as to whether you keep your own copy or you can go on and publish. It looks really good, I can send you the link if you want. Or you could always do them as e-books and link it from your blog? Just an idea, seen a few other bloggers do it :) oxo

    1. Yeah, its really fun! :)
      Aww thanks!

      I used Blurb years ago to make a photo book for my nieces birthday, and I remember the programme being really easy to use - how does it work with copyright though?

      ooooh how do you them as ebooks? My only problem is that mine are proper full length novels, like 20+ chapters. I've always struggled to write short stories :/



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