Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge

Well I'm back with todays Blog Challenge post from Going Green With The Grizls :)

Today's question was kind of hard for me...

Describe The Best Day Of Your Life

Now, most people have answered this by talking about their weddings or the day their children were born - I'm not married and I don't have any children yet, so I found it hard to really think about what the best day of my life so far has been!

I guess a lot of people would pick the day they met their partner, but my relationship started very slowly and was quite messy to begin with so I wouldn't say that it counts ....

I know this may sound superficial and silly, but I would say the best day of my life was the day I stepped onto the Independence Of The Seas cruise ship in February this year!

I LOVE travelling but I have some anxiety issues that have got worse in recent years and have made it difficult for me to overcome my fear of flying (I've always been afraid of it but I always forced myself onto planes recent years, I have stopped being able to do that) - which obviously greatly limits the travelling I can do!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about cruising, but once I stepped aboard that beautiful ship (it seriously has to be seen to be believed!) I absolutely fell in love with it. 

Its my dream holiday, and it means I have the ability to travel to new places without having any of the horrible anxiety attacks that have always gone hand in hand with that for me....that is just a Godsend in my eyes.

And there's no stopping me now! We're going on another cruise in November :)
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