Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesdays Treats

Its that time again.....time for Tuesdays Treat!! :)

This week's treat for me is a bit unusual but something I am absolutely LOVING!!!!

I absolutely ADORE massages - I go for them as often as I can but the problem is that they're expensive! 

So last week I saw this in a local store and tried it out:

Its the 3D Massage Seat by Oregon.

It retails at £79.99 in The Range and is also available online.

Now I had always said that there is NO way that a massage seat could do the job properly - I like my massages deep with a lot of pressure and I always swore that a massage chair just could not achieve the pressure I like!

When I tried this, I realised that I had been completely WRONG!!

The pressure is CRAZY - its so hard to beleive that its coming from a chair and not a person!

There are 3 different settings:

Shiatsu - which genuinely feels like hands! You can feel the ball of the hand and the fingertips - it is CRAZY! You can have this set to go up and down your back and shoulders, or you can have it set to one particular spot - you can only have fast or slow speed.

Rolling - this is roller balls up and down your back, you can set the width so that the area you want is covered.

3D Rolling - this is the rolling motion again but contours with the curves of your back.

The chair scans your body height and adjusts to suit you, and you can also apply heat along with any of the massages.

I fell in love with this and wanted one so badly - but I just couldn't justify spending the money!

Luckily for me - I have the most fab boyfriend ever! Look what I came home to from my first day at my new job yesterday!:


He actually bought this on ebay - its the exact same product, in all the original packaging, brand new and untouched - and it was half the RRP at £39.99! :)

Do you have a massage chair? Have you ever tried one?
Let me know - and don't forget to join in the blog hop!

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