Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Weekly Weekend Debate

So, I've decided to start hosting a debate on my blog every weekend. 

I'm going to be starting off with some slightly lighter hearted topics to see how things go, and will take it from there - but this is how it will work.

Each Monday (In future!), I will post up the topic for the coming weekend. If you would like to be the one to   represent a For or Against opinion then just drop me a comment or email and let me know, and you will then have until Thursday evening to send me your argument.

Your argument must be presented in a non-abusive, fair manner and I will be the judge of this as I do not want anything on my blog that may cause offense to others.

The arguments will then be posted on a Saturday, and readers will be able to read the For & Against posts and give their own opinions, and state who they agree with.

The Rules of the debates will clearly state that any comments that are deemed to be derogatory or abusive will be removed, as I will not stand for any name calling or immaturity! The whole point of this is that I believe my readers are intelligent people who are capable of giving their own opinions on subjects and respecting the opinions of others, hearing people out and  opening their minds to other schools of thought :)

I think this could be a really interesting thing if it works :)

So....the first topic to be debated will be....

Does High Fashion = Eating Disorders?

Do you think that super skinny runway models and airbrushed celebrities in magazines contribute to the number of women who suffer with eating disorders?
Should the fashion and beauty industry be doing more about this? And if so, what can they do to help promote a healthy body image in young women?

If YOU think that the likes of runway models, fashion designers and beauty magazine editors are to blame for the poor self image of young women in todays society - let me know that you would like to write an argument to state your case!!!


If YOU think that these people are merely scapegoats for a problem that would be occuring with or without these images, and that theres nothing wrong with a little airbrushing for the sake of a good cover shot - let me know that you would like to write an argument to state your case!

Remember - there are NO right or wrongs here - its all about your opinion!

I will choose two people to represent each opinion, and you will have until Midnight on Thursday to email your argument to me :)
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