Saturday, 21 July 2012

#Follow Friday - Spotlight On Fashion & Beauty Tribes

Hey guys!

Welcome to my new weekly feature, SPOTLIGHT ON!

This is where I will be featuring up & coming bloggers over the next few weeks, introducing you to them and - hopefully - you guys might be interested in following them! :)

So lets started!

This weeks its SPOTLIGHT ON....Fashion & Beauty Tribes!

This blog is one of my favourite new blogs, as I find the features interesting with a good mix of product reviews & fashion posts - and with a giveaway coming up as soon as it hits 50 followers, what better time to get involved and follow?!

The blog is run by the lovely and very friendly Sinead, so lets meet her and find out more...

Hi Sinead! Lets start off with an introduction...tell us a little about you!

Hi i'm Sinead i'm the writer of fashion and beauty tribes :)

 I was born in London then moved to N.Ireland but i'm hoping to move back to london  soon.  I'm just an average girl who loves trying out new products. I think that not following the crowd makes me who i am. I don't follow a trend just because its the "thing" to do.

Tell us why you started blogging...

 Well all of a sudden i started to see things in magazines and you tube videos telling me about blogs and it was really bugging me  because i didn't know what it was so I looked up blogs and i came across loads of good and bad blogs i then thought this is something i want to do.

What kind of things would you like to do with your blog in the future?

 I would love to do more guest posts and work with other bloggers even maybe start like a blog community with an other blogger or business,gain more followers.

What blog post that you've written so far do you feel best represents your blog?

 Since i've only been blogging for a short while its hard to choose my favourite post because im still learning and making mistakes so the post that most represents my blog is look what i bought because i'm always shopping but on a budget check it out here

And finally, what advice would you give to other bloggers?

   As i said before i'm only new but have already learnt so much i would say stick at it. If you don't have much followers don't get down most of the successful blogs have been going for a couple of years so don't give up
and my other one would be don't just start a blog because of the things you will get because readers will notice that your not making an effort in your blog and readers will go else where.

Thanks Sinead for taking the time to introduce yourself to us.

 If you would like to follow Sinead's blog, please go here:  

And if you would like to be featured in future Spotlight Ons - just e-mail me your answers to the above questions along with a photo and the link to your blog :)

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