Friday, 13 July 2012

How To: Hair Donuts!

Well I'm trying to catch up on my Blog Prompts from the Going Green With The Grizls summer blog challenge, and one of them is to write a How To post.

I loved Guin's post on how to use a hair donut recently as it showed me a totally different way of doing them, and I thought I'd do this as my own How To post to show the way that I use hair donuts myself :)

I have very long and rather thick hair, so it can be very difficult for me to find an up do that actually stays up - donuts work surprisingly well for me! As I work with kiddies, I like to wear my hair up everyday to make sure I avoid catching any dreaded hair crawlies from them!!...and the hair donut is so quick and easy, my hair is done within minutes and stays up safely all day while still looking pretty stylish! Perfect! :)

My hair donut is from Primark - I have a larger one and a medium sized one, this tutorial shows the medium one as its my preferred one at the moment.

You Will Need: 
Hair donut, Hairspray, Kirby Grips, two bobbles/bands.

  • To start with, put your hair into a high pony tail. Remember that the ponytail will be the point at where the bun sits on your head, so make sure you get it to your desired height. 

 Ensure that your hair is slicked back, I use hairspray to smooth it all down.

  • Take the donut, and pull your ponytail through it - so that it rests over your bobble/elastic.

  • Split your ponytail equally into two segments - an upper segment and a lower segment

  • Spread the upper segment around the top half of the donut letting the length of the hair fall down loose, and do the same with the lower segment over the bottom half of the donut. Feel with your fingers to make sure the entire surface of the donut is covered with hair.

  • Hold the hair in place by taking a bobble/band and securing it over the donut.

  • You should then be left with your hair covered donut secured in place with a bobble, and the length of your hair hanging down.

  • Take your hair one section at a time.

  • Here you can do a variety of things, I chose to twist my hair tightly (You can also plait the segments for a different look, or you can just leave them as they are and quickly pull them around the base and secure into place for a "messy" look)

  •  Once it was twisted, I wrapped the twist around the base of the donut/bun and then secured it into place with a kirby grip.

  • Repeat the above step with each section of your remaining loose hair, until it all up and secured around the bun like so:

  • You can then add any finishing touches you like - I used this bow slide at an angle. You can of course use anything including slides, decorate bobbles or hairbands.

  • The finished look! 

What do you think? What way do you use your hair donuts?!

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