Friday, 6 July 2012

June Favourites

Well its that time again - here are my favourite things from the (rather rainy and depressing!) month of June!:


I actually read this book a few months ago, and I have never loved a book so much!, so this month I read it again :)

The story takes place in "room" - a small enclosed space in which 5 year old Jack lives with his Ma. 
"Room" is the only world that Jack has ever known, as he was born here. His Ma was kidnapped years ago by Old Nick who has kept her captive in "Room" ever since.

The story is told entirely in Jack's voice, and this helps a great deal as we see his distorted idea of the world entirely through the innocent eyes of the child - as the only other living person he has ever known is his Ma, he gives personality traits and character to every inanimate object in Room - talking about each of them (Wardrobe, Bathtub, etc) as if they were a real person. Jack has no reason not to love Room as its all he has ever known. 

The story has a lot of twists and developments, and I don't want to give too much away - but the first time I read it, I could NOT put it down - I read it in ONE day! It was the most gripping, emotional and just amazing book I have ever read.

I laughed, I cried - I just couldn't get enough of it.

I cannot recommend this highly enough.



Katzenjammer - "I will dance (When I walk away)"

This song was actually out toward the end of last year in the groups native Norway, but I only discovered it myself a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!

I love quirky, indie music and this really hits the spot for me - its so wonderfully weird and I LOVE the video - the girls look fantastic in it, I love their wacky sense of style!

Beauty Product

I must admit, I am not the greatest when it comes to exfoliating - its not something I do often enough at all. I get really dry rough skin on my elbows and its been bothering me lately, so I've been making an effort to exfoliate and moisturise more often.

I have been using this:

Coconut Creme by The Pink Cow

It smells delicious, it works so well leaving my skin feeling really soft and refreshed, and its paraben free!

Cosmetic Product

I absolutely LOVE this mascara! In my opinion, it is unbeatable.

I admit that the brush can be a little difficult to work with but once you're used to it, its fine! 
It works so well to elongate my lashes, it lasts ALL day and never needs touching up, and it lasts for ages! I wear it every single day and it lasts me for around 3 months!


These are a MUST HAVE item for ALL girls!

I can't believe I have only just discovered how amazing they are.

For anybody who hasn't tried them yet - you have to! They are basically a pair of little roll-up slip on pumps to pop into your handbag and carry with you wherever you go.

So when your new shoes start to rub, your feet get tired from shopping all day, or you're on a night out and you can't handle the high heels any more - you can just pop these on!!

They are really light and they even come with a little carry bag to keep them neat and tidy in your handbag - they are SO comfy too!

Personally, on night outs I am always kicking off my high heels and I end up walking along the street barefoot - so not a smart move and these little beauties are now here to save me from broken glass and filthy feet!

They are available from at the moment and they come in lots of different colours and patterns :)

So those are the things I've been loving this month, how about you?


  1. hey hun now following u found u on bbu blog hop please have a look at my blog xx

  2. That book looks really good, I think I'll have to get it as I'm intrigued lol.

    I love the little shoes, my Auntie introduced me to them a couple of years ago at my sisters wedding & I never go out for the evening without mine now x :-)

    1. You should def try it, I just LOVED it :) It did make me cry loads though lol.

      They are amazing arent they?!


    2. I don't mind a good weepie lol.

      Yes they are fab! I always used for take flip flops in my bag for walking at the end of the night but these fit much better I to my bag & look allot better too.

      Forgot to say on my other comment, sorry you are still feeling so poorly, lots of get wishes hun x :-)

  3. I just finished reading Room last week. You're right, the suspense is thrilling but I'm annoyed at how it's delivered (Jack's story-telling). Aside from that, I think Jack should throw away the disgusting and filthy Rug! Lol

    1. Aww really? I thought it being told from a childs voice really added to it, I loved the vulnerability and innocence of it. :)

  4. I read the 'Room' a few months ago and absolutely loved it! I was really disappointed when I finished it! xx

  5. I was reading this and just kept thinking 'yep that's my favourite too!'.
    Room is one of my favourite books - so well written!
    Hannah x


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