Sunday, 29 July 2012

Katy Perry Oh Honey! Lash Review & OOTN

Hey Guys!

Today I decided to finally write up my review of one of my favourite products of the moment....

The Katy Perry eyelash range from Eylure.

I LOVE false eyelashes - I think they are the perfect way to make your evening look stand out and really make your eyes "pop"!

I have experimented a lot with various brands and styles, but have also found Eylure to be the best - I used to favour the Girls Aloud range they brought out, and I collected every single one of those styles - I loved how different they all were and how there was basically a style for every possible occasion!

And now they have teamed up with the current Darling of the Pop World - Katy Perry!

I love Katy Perry's style and I think she is the perfect icon for a false eyelash range. 

They currently have four styles available in the lashes:

"Oh, My!" - a thick, theatrical and dramatic lash
"Sweetie Pie" - more subtle lashes, perfect for a daytime look
"Cool Kitty" - somewhere between the two above, dramatic but certainly less OTT than the "Oh, My"s


"Oh, Honey!" - the ones that I am reviewing for you today! - in their natural state they are long and fluttery but subtle as they aren't too thick.

I found them very easy to apply - the glue kept them in place all night (I went for a night out around some pubs and bars, and sat out in the beer garden most of the evening - I didn't suffer any problems with the lashes whatsoever, they stayed put all night)  .

I find the best way to work with them is:
*Apply them before my eye make up, that way I don't need to worry about smudging my makeup!
*Apply a thin line of glue along the lash strip
*Press the two ends of the strip into place - in line with my own lash line, open my eyes and check the positioning is correct - and then press along gently to fix them into place
*I then apply a line of black eyeliner as I find that this helps the lashes to look more natural and makes the glue less apparent

Here is how the lashes look on: 

Personally I also think its best for an evening look to add a layer of mascara to the lashes.
The below picture shows the difference - the left shows the lashes without mascara and the right is with mascara.

I forgot to take proper pics of how they looked until I was in the car on my way out, so please forgive the bad lighting...I was at traffic lights! :D

And finally, here is the outfit I wore for my night out:

Coral batwing top - Select - £20.00
Black sheer tights - New Look - £5.00
 Black Shorts (Not visible I know! Just there to protect my dignity!) - New Look - £15.99
  Clutch bag - Papa-razzi - £39.99
Diamante Heels - £129.99 - Moda In Pelle.

Do you have any favourite falsies? Have you tried the Katy Perry lashes?
Let me know! :) 

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