Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mixed Bag Of Product Reviews!

So today I experimented with a few new things and I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you guys! :)

First up, I tried my freebie Avon Super Extend Mascara which I received free with this months Marie Claire magazine.

It usually retails for £10.00 but Avon currently have it on offer for £3.99!! (Hmm, feel a bit ripped off with my supposed "freebie" now...)

Now, I like my mascara to be dramatic - I usually use Benefit's They're Real and I love the very bold effect on my lashes - I like a mascara to make them look longer, fuller and darker all at the same time. 

I wasn't expecting a lot from this mascara as I have never been a big fan of Avon, and sadly I was left feeling the way I expected to - not thrilled!

The brush was nice and it was very easy to apply, there was no clumping at all, but the mascara just didn't have the "wow" effect that I may be something I use for a very subtle day time look for work but that's all - I certainly would use this for an evening look, and I prefer to have a mascara that is suitable for both personally.

This may be worth picking up as an extra while its free with Marie Claire or getting for the current sale price, but I wouldn't recommend paying the full £10.00 for it and I certainly won't be purchasing this in the future.....

Moving on, the next product I want to talk about is ELF's Hypershine lipgloss in Cherry Tart.

This is the first ELF lipgloss I have ever tried and I was pleasantly surprised! I never expect much from low cost products, but this product certainly achieves its aim - it was very glossy and gave me a lovely natural look while still making my lips look tinted.

It lasted rather well, and wasn't too sticky or overly scented - at £1.50 from ELF I would absolutely buy this again, and am very tempted to try more colours :)

And finally, I had my first try of my new Barry M Magnetic nail polish in Burgundy.

I was a little confused by this at first, as when I followed the directions it didn't seem to be working but eventually I got the hang of it!

I didn't find it all that easy to use, it instructs you to hover the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds and watch the effect appear, but for me nothing seemed to happen unless I moved the magnet closer and then further away from the nail a few times...and even then the pattern wasn't evenly spread across the nail, but seemed to be just in the centre.

Still, it's something a little different and its a fun idea - I wouldn't say its an amazing product but its quirky and I might try the other patterns just for fun! :)

Please excuse the rubbish picture of my nails, I painted them late last night just to try out the polish and was not being neat! :)

Have any of you tried any of these products? What are your thought? :)

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