Saturday, 28 July 2012

My First Attempts At Stamping!

Hey All! :)

I've wanted to try my hand at nail stamping for a while now, but I thought it was best to try a cheap set from ebay before splashing out on the Bundle Monster plates!
So I bought a very cheap £2.50 set off ebay and had my first go at it last night!

Its not as complicated as I expected, but still difficult and I'm not off to a great start! lol.

First, I tried a floral image.

I painted my nails using my Ciate Purple Sherbet to start with, and my Boots No 7 in Milan on my accent nails.

For the stamping, I used my Gold By Giles polish in Purple.

Apologies for the terrible picture quality!

I then removed all of that, and had another go!

This time I used my Barry M Black polish as my base colour, and used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Presto Pink for the stamping.

I chose a heart design from my stamping plate.

I actually quite liked the look of this one! :)

I can't wait to get better plates and really get started!

Do you enjoy nail stamping? Are there any products you would recommend to me?
Let me know! :)



  1. For your first try thats AMAZING!! I love the last set of nails! :)xI found you via the BBU blog hop :D Great blog you've got!

  2. I think these are adorable, and very good for a first timer! If you don't already know, sally hansen polishes (especially insta dri) are AWESOME for stamping. Pretty much like they were made for it lol I love Bundle Monster and Cheeky, I recommend the newer cheeky plates though. I don't have them but the ones they recently came out with are larger to cover longer nails, but also I think they have some that can be converted into doing just the tip or a full nail with one design. Pretty cool=]

    1. Aww thank you :)

      I've never heard of cheeky, i'll def check those out! Thanks!


  3. Hi Hayley, I love your nails with the black and pink hearts. I didn't know about stamping. I rarely paint my nails but if I do I would like to try designs, especially with little cats on them. Great post. Hope all is good with you!

    1. Thanks Eve! :) I only learned about it through Beauty Blogging, it is super fun! :)


  4. What a fab first go hun :-) I'm so pleased you are enjoying it.

    I had trouble stamping over that Ciate polish as she didn't dry quickly. Even after an hour she still dented and also smeared with the pressure from the stamper. I the end I just took her off abduction started again.

    The Presto pink looks fab over the black and came out so well, you should be proud x :-)

    1. Thanks hun! :)

      Ahh really? It was quite sticky actually, but then so was the Barry M black one! I might try next with both Sally Hansens and see if its easier:)

      I cant wait to get more plates! Theres only like 6 designs on the one I got, 1 is a smiley face I'm never using coz its not the 90s and I'm not on acid....and the rest are all floral and look the same as each other!



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