Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NOTD: Blue Streak

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm reviewing Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Blue Streak.
This was the first of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry range that I've tried and I was really looking forward to using it!

I LOVED the shape of the brush and found it really easy to use, much easier than a standard nail brush as it reaches my nail bed easily and made the "other hand" much easier than usual to do.
As for the colour, this was an absolute winner! I'm a bit of a sucker for pink shades and almost feel a bit out of my comfort zone when I'm wearing anything other than pink - but this colour is so beautiful that I really didn't mind!  Despite its name, its actually more of a deep turquoise colour - it does seem a little more green than blue - but its sooo shiny and shimmers in the light when I move my fingers. Just beautiful!

However, there were some down sides to this polish - its probably just me expecting too much, but considering its "Insta-Dry" name I wasn't actually too impressed with the drying speed!
I know, I know...I'm probably expecting miracles ... but I managed to smudge two nails despite sitting patiently still for a few minutes after painting, I definitely have other polishes that dry quicker than this one!
Having said that, I painted my 2 year old nieces finger and toe nails with my Insta-Dry Presto Pink yesterday - she's a real little wriggleworm and did NOT keep still afterwards yet hers didnt smudge at all - so maybe I was just unlucky with this one?!

And I also found that it chipped really easily - I've only had it on for one day, and two of my nails are very badly chipped away - I haven't been doing anything much as I'm still unwell so I wouldn't expect them to have chipped so easily! Hmm...

I'll certainly try some others from the range, as I have two other colours to try anyway, so we'll see what I think then :)

What are your thoughts on Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry range?



  1. Smudging nail varnish is the story of my life! I can never sit still and weight for it to dry!! :)

  2. This shade looks lovely, I have never tried Sally Hansen before. I end up doing that quite a few times when I think that my nails are dry and end up smudging them to buggery lol.


  3. This is such a beautiful shade hun! I've just had a look on fragrance direct & they've got it wahoo.

    It's such a shame about the chipping & not drying quickly. With all of my Insta Dri's, the thumb has dried by the time I've finished painting my pinky... I'm wondering if maybe its just this particular colour, or maybe you've got a bad bottle? You could also try to use a quick drying top coat, NO7 do a good one & if you've got obey of their vouchers which they are doing at the mo it would only make it £2 x :-)

    1. Yeah I'm wondering if they're old bottles from TK Maxx or something :/
      Or it could just be me - I think I put way too much product on actually!

      Ooh thanks for the tip hun, I will have a look out for the No7 top coat!



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